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International Shipping And Marijuana — What Should You Know?

International Shipping And Marijuana — What Should You Know?

This is a guest post by Mary Walton

Marijuana products have long been used for medical treatments. But marijuana is not legal in all countries, whereas some states made it legal. Because of the legal regulations in different countries, which prohibit the use of illegal marijuana, a lot of people frown at the possibility of shipping marijuana products abroad.

We can’t blame people, given the fact that the information on this matter is scarce and there is still a lot of confusion on whether it is legal or not to ship marijuana products abroad. A distinction needs to be drawn between the marijuana used for its psychoactive effects from medical marijuana.

Shipping Marijuana Internationally

You can ship marijuana internationally. But you need to follow a lot of rules. You can ship your cannabis products through courier services to abroad. If you bought a product containing medical cannabis and you are looking for a way to ship them to your home in other countries, then courier service might be the right solution for you. As long as the product you are buying is commercially available and not prohibited, there is nothing suspicious in shipping marijuana products abroad.

To be on the safe side, you have to make sure that you know everything about the national laws thoroughly before mailing marijuana products. Check if a certain authorization or a medical prescription needed to ship cannabis products. You should also keep in mind that some countries forbid the shipping of medical prescriptions themselves. Before shipping, take into account the following:

  • You should not decide to ship marijuana for recreational purposes. Moreover, remember that no country authorizes the smoking of marijuana for medical purposes. In EU countries, production, distribution and use of marijuana are strictly prohibited. They don’t support weed as they know it’s a bit difficult to detox from weed .
  • You must find out about which marijuana-based medicines and CBD products are authorized in the EU countries.
  • Check if any certain documentation is needed when shipping CBD products or legal marijuana products.
  • Don’t forget to ask courier company about the best packaging practices.

Packaging Materials For Shipping Marijuana Products

There is no single rule for packaging. It actually depends on what type of marijuana products you are shipping and the type of courier service you are using. The following suggestions may apply mainly to legal marijuana products because of shipping prescription drugs require certain cautions.

  • Cardboard Boxes:You should ship your products in cardboard boxes. Try to find a box without tear or dents and new.
  • Bubble Wrap: This gives you better protection in case you are shipping flacons of marijuana-based products.
  • Plastic Sealed Bags: This will give your product protection against dirt, possible leakage, and humidity.
  • Packing Peanuts: You should use this to fill in the empty space left in the box.
  • Adhesive Tape and Scissors: After doing the packing this will help you to seal the package.

When shipping marijuana products, you should check the transportation conditions. Whether it is good or bad. You also have to keep in mind that the quality of the product may be altered if the transit times are long and if they are exposed to temperature fluctuations. You should select a shipping service which can provide special transportation.

When you are shipping weed internationally your product has to go through customs. You need to take a lot of precautions if you want to ship marijuana safely. The real world is not very easy. Shipping illegal marijuana is a federal crime. Federals don’t always abide by the constitution or respect state laws or individual rights when it comes to shipping marijuana. You can still get caught and they can seize your packages. You can get into the various type of troubles such as arrest or the freezing of bank accounts.

In addition, federals and other law enforcement have upgraded their drug detection systems. They use x-ray scanner to detect marijuana. They also use drug-sniffing dogs to detect odors emitting from packages, containers, and plastic bags. A dog’s sense of smell is as much as 100 times more sensitive than ours. You should use airtight bags that zip tight. New marijuana delivery companies are appearing with the legalization of marijuana.

Basic Don’ts Of Shipping Marijuana

You should avoid a few things to successfully ship marijuana:

  • Don’t use previous packages or careless wrappings
  • Remember to mask the smell
  • You should spell names or addresses correctly
  • Don’t write false return addresses and nonexistent zip codes
  • Never heavily tape the package
  • Don’t use excess markings on the package
  • Avoid restrictive markings such as confidential, do not x-ray
  • Don’t use a common type of sender or receiver (like John Smith)


Legal medical and recreational marijuana marketplace continues to grow day by day. So, shipping marijuana internationally is becoming more popular. But don’t be fooled, be careful about shipping marijuana. Keep in mind all the rules and restrictions before thinking about marijuana shipping.

This was a guest post by Mary Walton.

Author Bio

Mary Walton is a professional editor, content strategist, and a part of NCSM team. Apart from writing, Mary is passionate about hiking and gaming. Feel free to contact her via Facebook .

The trend of marijuana legalization opens opportunity for shipping cannabis products internationally, but what do you need to know in order to ship marijuana?

Can I Ship Marijuana and Cannabis Products?

Marijuana is a burning hot topic these days. See what we did there? In the past few years, new cannabis companies seem to be popping up every day (mostly in Canada, where marijuana has recently been declared legal). In August of 2018, Constellation Brands even went so far as to pour a $4 BILLION investment into Canopy Growth! That’s a whole lotta hash…I mean, cash. On a serious note, as the cannabis industry continues to mature, more and more shippers will find themselves asking if they can ship marijuana in the United States. While it might seem like an exciting opportunity, it’s time we tell you the hard truth about shipping marijuana and other cannabis products.

Is it Legal to Ship Marijuana through USPS?

No! At least not yet. With current United States federal laws and regulations in place, it is 100% ILLEGAL to ship marijuana through the USPS. Not only is it on the list of USPS shipping restrictions—it’s a FEDERAL OFFENSE. That means if you get caught shipping it, you’ll be hit with some pretty heavy fines and serious jail time. Therefore, Shipping School suggests you don’t even think about shipping marijuana in the United States until the laws change in the future…if they ever do.

What if I Live in a Marijuana Legal State?

Nope! When it comes to our country’s mail delivery services, federal law trumps state law and all other laws of the land. That means even if you live in a legalized cannabis state, you still can’t send marijuana through the mail. Sorry, Charlie.

What if I Use UPS, FedEx, or Another Carrier?

We’re afraid the answer is still no. Federal law declares that sending marijuana is illegal across all modes of mail delivery—no matter which shipping carrier you choose. Therefore, it’s still illegal to ship marijuana through private carriers like UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

What About Other Cannabis Products?

Here’s where it gets interesting. In December 2018, both the Senate and the House of Representatives passed the Farm Bill. To make a long story short, this piece of legislation officially establishes a definition between THC and CBD, and stipulates that CBD-infused products such as industrialized hemp are NOT considered controlled substances. To translate the fancy lawyer talk: industrial hemp is legal now, and you’ll probably be able to ship it with USPS! Well…almost. President Trump still needs to sign the Farm Bill before it officially becomes a clear-cut law, but he has expressed favor for it.

The Industrial Hemp Exemption

The issue of whether or not you can ship industrial hemp is even more interesting. As of now, the line between shipping industrial hemp and other CBD products is still murky. There have been recorded instances where USPS exempted industrial hemp from non-mailable CBD products and deemed industrial hemp mailable (assuming the shipper has all the proper licensing). However, it looks like CBD as a whole is still non-mailable. For now, all we can do is wait and see if this law changes in the near future.

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, more and more shippers will find themselves asking if they can ship marijuana in the United States. ]]>