how to smoke a marijuana pipe

How to Smoke a Bowl: Smoking Cannabis From a Pipe

Smoking is the fastest, most popular method for consuming cannabis, and it’s also a very easy way to measure your intake. One of the most popular ways is to use a pipe to “smoke a bowl,” of marijuana. Like all other methods, it definitely has its pros and cons.


  • An economical way to smoke cannabis
  • Good for when you want a quick, small dose
  • Allows you to really taste the cannabis
  • Doesn’t require burning paper


  • Have to be cleaned regularly and can break
  • Smoke can be harsh
  • Ash or plant matter can get in your mouth

Using a pipe is a very economical and efficient way to consume cannabis. It only takes a small amount — much less than preparing a joint — and can be just as effective. This makes a pipe a great option for when you don’t want to smoke much, or you don’t have the time to sit and leisurely roll and smoke a joint. This also makes it a sound option when your supply is running a little low.

Metal, bamboo, or wood pipes used to be the norm a few decades ago, but today, most pipes for smoking marijuana are made out of glass. These are typically “spoon” shaped, with a round bowl at the end attached to a long airtight stem that has a hole at the end on which you place your mouth. Most pipes also have a “carb,” a small hole, usually on the side of the bowl, which allows you to flush the smoke out at the end of your inhalation.

What you need to smoke a bowl

  • A pipe, preferably made of glass
  • Cannabis flower
  • Grinder (you can also use your fingers or scissors to break up the flower for a more even burn)
  • Cigarette lighter or matches

How to smoke a bowl — step by step

  1. Make sure the bowl is empty
  2. Take a small amount of cannabis, depending on how much you want to smoke and whether you’ll be sharing, and place it in the bowl. (Many people like to use a grinder to break up the flower before putting it in the bowl.)
  3. Hold the “spoon” end with one hand while sealing the carb with your finger or hand.
  4. Hold a lighter flame to the bowl of cannabis and inhale for a few seconds. Towards the end of the inhalation, uncover the carb and inhale the rest of the smoke.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until the bowl is empty.
  6. Make sure to dump out the ashes after use.

With a pipe you smoke the marijuana directly, without any additives like a rolling paper. This allows you to really taste the flower, though you may also get a hint of some of the residue of past bowls as well as ash from the bowl.

To use a pipe, take a small amount of cannabis flower and put it in the bowl. Hold the bowl, placing one finger on the side of the bowl and the other over the carb to seal it. Hold a lighter to the cannabis and inhale deeply. Towards the end of your inhale, release the carb and pull in forcefully. Exposing the carb will bring in air through the hole, clearing the smoke from the stem — and into your lungs.

Try a hit and see how you feel. You might find that’s all it takes.

Step-by-step instructions for how to smoke marijuana from a pipe. What you need to get started, a video tutorial, and tips for beginners.