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Indica – A very unique female name

Are you having a baby or looking to learn more about the name Indica? Our experts and editorial staff have gathered trends and insights for 30,000+ baby names over the last 100 years — And on this page you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about the name Indica. The baby girl name Indica was given to 5 baby girls in 1998, ranking #4413 on the national girl baby name top chart.

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With that position 1 in 299,227 baby girls were given this name – making this a very unique female name according to our Popularity Score algorithm. Indica peaked in popularity 22 years ago in 1998 on position 4413.

Famous with this name

Indica Watson
Indica Roy
Indica Shaw

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Indica is currently topping the charts in.

Did you know that popularity can vary a lot between states? Indica is currently topping the baby name charts in California at position #3,244 – and is the least popular in California at position #3,244.

Why care about state specific baby name charts? It could be that a name that is very popular on the national overall charts is less (or even more) popular where you live. So make sure you check out the state specific charts below and find out how popular or unique Indica is where you live.

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Indica origin and meaning

Indica is a 6 letter name with 3 syllables. We couldn’t find any information about what this name means. To see famous people named Indica, pop culture references for the name Indica and nicknames & variations – visit Nameberry or Wikipedia.

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Most parents-to-be know if they want a popular or unique name, and with these charts and data tables you can easily get a better understanding of how popular or unique this name is.

With a quick glance you can easily tell if this name is increasing or declining in popularity – But note that its current popularity can actually differ a lot from state to state.

Indica (girl): Meaning, origin, popularity, syllable count and all you ever wanted to know about the girl baby name Indica.


What does indica mean?

Indica is a classification of marijuana, known scientifically as Cannabis indica. Indica strains of marijuana are known for their relaxing, therapeutic qualities and for providing chronic pain relief.

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Where does indica come from?

The term indica was attributed to certain varieties of the cannabis plant during the 18th century. French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck classified the plant while researching specimens brought to him from India. Lamarck is credited with drawing the distinction between the two major varieties of cannabis: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. He observed that the Cannabis indica plant grew shorter than its counterpart, but had wider leaves. The name indica, modern Latin for “of India,” references the plant’s nativity to India, though it’s widely grown elsewhere since Lamar’s identification of it there. The term gained greater currency in the later 20th century with the expansion of home and commercial cannabis production, propelled especially by a desire for greater variety of marijuana strains.

With the growing legalization of marijuana in the US, indica has entered popular culture as well. In a 2006 episode of the TV sitcom The Office, for instance, a character identifies a specific type of marijuana: “That is Northern Lights, Cannabis indica.” BuzzFeed, as another example, made a humorous personality quiz in 2015 to help a person determine if they were a sativa or indica person, a difference popularly debated among marijuana enthusiasts.

Indica is a classification of marijuana, known scientifically as Cannabis indica.