indoor led grow kit

Complete LED Grow Kits

While our PhytoMAX-2 LED grow lights are the best available, you need more than just lights for your indoor garden. Our Complete LED Grow Room Kits come with everything you need for the ultimate grow, from start to finish, right out of the box! We start with a Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 grow light and grow tent from the Fortress line of indoor grow tents by Sun Hut. From there we have assembled every conceivable piece of equipment you would ever need to have the most successful grow. All products have been thoroughly vetted by our in-house experts with years of cultivation experience.

Purchase the bundled complete indoor growing kit and save up to $275 vs. the build your own kit option.

View Video Guides for our Complete Grow Kits

Our Complete Grow Kits come with videos on how to assemble your kit and Grow-Along videos to watch entire complete kit grows from clone or from seed (even autoflowering seeds), or watch our Growing How-To’s for specific topics! We also have time-lapse videos of grows in our complete grow kits.

At Black Dog LED, we sell a variety of complete grow kits to help you start the garden of your dreams. These kits include a Fortress grow tent by Sun Hut, as well as our innovative, one-of-a-kind PhytoMAX-2 LED grow lights, the best on the market. Start growing today! ]]>