is pot legal in denmark

Marijuana in Denmark

Is “weed” legal in Denmark?

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No, Marijuana in the country of Denmark is illegal. While many Danes are willing to tolerate its use, any weed-related activities, such as the growing, smoking, possession or selling of cannabis, is punishable by law.

According to Denmark’s Euphoriants Substances Act, “the import, export, sale, purchase, delivery, receipt, production, processing and possession” of marijuana are classified as criminal offenses. As set down in Danish Criminal Code, section 191, the punishment of a fine or a maximum of two years is enforceable.

For the first offense of possession, a fine is the standard reprimand. However, the Chief Public Prosecutor may allow a warning for up to 10 grams of hash or 50 grams of marijuana. Warnings are only issued in cases of personal possession and are only used in very limited circumstances. During sentencing, a prosecutor will consider if the cannabis was intended for personal use or not. Harsher sentences may be imposed if a person possesses an excessive amount of marijuana, around 10 kg and it is determined that it was intended for distribution and large profit. I found out that a sentence may be extended to up to ten years or up to sixteen years in prison for more severe violations.

Traveling to Denmark with Weed

When traveling to Denmark, it is in a traveler’s best interest to avoid marijuana possession, use or any attempt to bring it into the country. The officers at Danish customs won’t be pleased. As a visitor to Denmark, any traveler who brings marijuana into the country will be subject to Danish law regarding illegal drug importation and possession. Also, depending on the quantity, a person may be subject to deportation.

While legal in several states in the United States, medical marijuana in forms other than the ones mentioned below, remain illegal in Denmark. Furthermore, possession and use while in the country is punishable by Danish law as described above.

Where You Can Smoke Weed

Go to the Copenhagen hippie district, Christiania. On Pusher Street, the central street of Christiania, you can almost get anything here – pot, skunk, hash, hash oil, pre-rolled joints – a wide selection of ganja for the experienced smoker or the first-timer. Nine hundred people live here and it is where everyone in Denmark buys their hash. As a visitor, avoid this area at night, though.

Medical Marijuana in Denmark

According to Danish law, Marinol and Sativex, two cannabinoid-based drugs, are the only legal forms of medical marijuana. In addition, both drugs can only be prescribed to patients with multiple sclerosis or certain types of cancer. Therefore, it is considered illegal for any citizen to possess other forms of marijuana. It is not advised for travelers to bring any type of medical marijuana into the country, regardless of the legality of marijuana in a person’s home country and/or state.

Denmark’s Euphoriants Substance Act also prohibits the import and export of drugs and is punishable both under the Euphoriants Substances Act and section 191 of the Criminal Code. Possession of cannabis for the purpose of distribution will usually result in imprisonment.

Please note that the article shown above includes information about cannabis cultivation, drug laws, recreational use of marijuana, medical uses for marijuana, and other topics that readers may find offensive. The content is for educational or research purposes only and drug use is not condoned by this site.

Despite any traveler who brings marijuana into the country will be subject to Danish laws, this guide covers what you should know about marijuana in Denmark.

Cannabis in Denmark – Laws, Use, and History

The supply, sale or possession of cannabis is illegal in Denmark, as it is with many other European nations. However, the launch of the medicinal cannabis programme means that use of the plant will be legal in certain circumstances. With officials pushing the government to trial legalisation programs, the law may change further in the future.

    • CBD Products
    • Legal under 0.2% THC
    • Recreational cannabis
    • Illegal
    • Medicinal cannabis
    • Legal

Cannabis laws in Denmark

Can you possess and use cannabis in Denmark?

It is illegal to possess cannabis in Denmark, in accordance with the Consolidated Act on Controlled Substances (2016). If caught, the penalty is either a fine or imprisonment – a maximum two-year sentence.

Personal use of cannabis is not listed as a crime. However, the fact that it is in your possession means it is a prosecutable offence. The punishment for possessing it is usually a fine, which is dependent on how much cannabis you are found with, plus any offences you have committed in the past.

As cannabis is generally regarded as a ‘soft drug’, the usual fine is only around €70. If you are caught driving while under the influence of cannabis though, the fine is likely to be larger, and the possibility of a prison sentence is increased. The possession of 10kg+ of cannabis is classed as a more serious offence and is punished under Section 191 of the Criminal Code. This can result in 10 to 16 years’ imprisonment.

Can you sell cannabis in Denmark?

The sale of cannabis is also illegal in Denmark, and as with possession, the penalty is a fine or imprisonment. However, the Laegemiddelstyrelsen medicines agency has now provided 12 companies with permits to produce and sell cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Can you grow cannabis in Denmark?

Growing cannabis plants is illegal. This is a grey area though, as the purchase or sale of cannabis seeds is not. It is generally recognised that by growing their own plants at home, individuals are not actively supporting the illegal distribution of drugs in the country. Thus, it is not usually regarded as a serious offence; but bear in mind that it is still punishable in the eyes of the law.

Is CBD legal in Denmark?

On 1 st July 2018, it became legal to possess and sell CBD oil with a content of 0.2% THC or less. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that is responsible for giving users the ‘high’, and the effects of a 0.2% dose are limited.

However, other factors affect whether the CBD oil is legal or not, even if it complies with this regulation. If it produces an effect on the body, it may be regarded as a medicine. This means it must meet the criteria of the Danish Medicines Act or the rules outlined in the medicinal cannabis programme.

As such, many CBD oils online may still be illegal to sell or buy.

Can cannabis seeds be sent to Denmark?

It is legal to buy, sell and possess cannabis seeds in Denmark. It is also legal to send them in the post, which may come as a surprise to some. It is not legal to germinate the seeds though, and you are also not allowed to grow plants from them.

Medicinal cannabis in Denmark

Denmark has approved Sativex, Marinol, and Nabilone for medicinal use. Sativex is based on an extract of the cannabis plant, while Marinol and Nabilone contain synthetically produced cannabinoids.

On the 1 st January 2018, the Danish Medicines Agency established the medicinal cannabis programme. This four-year pilot scheme granted 12 companies permits for growing, cultivating and distributing medicinal cannabis in the country. This trial is specifically aimed at herbal cannabis (plant material), and is therefore different from the abovementioned cannabinoid-based medications.

To gain a permit, the companies needed to gain licences for each process involved in producing the medicinal end product. They are now free to distribute their products to approved suppliers (e.g. doctors and pharmacies in Denmark).

The country anticipates becoming one of the largest producers of medicinal cannabis in Europe. However, they will be subject to strict regulation, stipulated by three public bodies: the national police, Landbrugsstyrelsen agricultural agency, and Laegemiddelstyrelsen (the Danish Medicines Agency).

Industrial hemp in Denmark

Industrial hemp is used for many different purposes; to create paper, construction material, textiles, biodegradable plastic and more. It can be grown legally in many countries in Europe, including Denmark. The production and use of industrial hemp is regulated – only certain varieties of cannabis can be used and they must contain less than 0.2% THC.

Denmark’s political parties and cannabis

As with many countries, Denmark’s political parties are divided when it comes to cannabis. Five of the country’s parties; Enhedslisten, the Socialist People’s Party, Alternative, Radikale Venstre and Liberal Alliance, recently voiced their support for decriminalising the sale of cannabis. They claimed that prohibiting recreational use enabled criminal organisations to profit from illegal trade.

The current government, which comprises a coalition of different political parties, initially took a hard-line stance on the sale and possession of cannabis in Denmark. They rejected proposals for a trial legalised programme in Copenhagen four times. But there are suggestions that their tough approach may be softening, particularly with the introduction of the medicinal cannabis programme.

Good to know

If you are travelling to Denmark (or are a resident), it is useful to know the following:

  • Denmark is largely pro-cannabis use. Recent polls showed that 88% of Danish people support its use for medical purposes. Over half the respondents supported the recreational use of cannabis too.
  • As from 1 st January 2018, it is possible to obtain a prescription for medical cannabis in Denmark.
  • Prosecution for the sale and possession of CBD oil is increasing year-on-year. If you’re in Denmark, it is vitally important to purchase from a reputable seller, to ensure you remain within the law.

Cannabis in Copenhagen

Denmark is often regarded as a relatively progressive, liberal country. This is perhaps most evident in Copenhagen, and its semi-autonomous ‘free-town’, Christiania. Regarded as a centre of liberal attitudes and freedom, the use of cannabis is commonplace among its locals.

It was formed in the 1970s, when squatters entered the area (then an abandoned military base) and made homes out of the disused buildings. The government at the time declared Christiania a ‘social experiment’ and in 1989, it was awarded certain legal rights.

The trade of cannabis has changed in Christiania over the years. One-man dealerships have given way to multinational enterprises, and drug use is still as prevalent as ever. This has caused tensions with the law.

Attitudes to cannabis

Despite the fact that possession of cannabis is illegal, almost half of young adults (16-34 years old) has tried cannabis at least once in their life. This is one of the highest figures in Europe. The country was also ranked 23 rd in the world in terms of prevalence of cannabis use.

The move to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes marks a further shift in opinion, and the suggestion that the law will become softer on its use in the future.

In Denmark, the sale or possession of cannabis is illegal. However, the new medicinal cannabis programme means it is now legal to use it for health purposes.