jack herer pipe

Jack herer pipe

The Jack Herer Pipe is back but please keep in mind there are Limited quantities. Each pipe is hand made with love and care in Oregon 🙂

With the double-vortex ricocheting effect, smoke leaves the Jack Herer pipe at a much lower temperature than a regular pipe. Due to the design of the bowl, and the fact that air circulates below the bowl freely, the burning temperature in the bowl is very high, meaning a complete burn. You can see the whitish color of the ash (like on the tip of a cigar) which shows you that the tobacco is burning completely without leaving a blackish residue.

Each Jack Herer pipe is handcrafted and therefore completely unique. Will definitely vary from picture but you can specify darker or lighter hardwoods if you have a preference. This compact version of the famous pipe generally measures around 4″ long and 2″ high and comes in a hemp canvas pouch. Jack’s autograph is burned into the bottom of every pipe.

Hemp activist and author Jack Herer, “The Emperor of Hemp”, passed on Apr 15th, 2010. Rest In Peace Jack and thank you for the inspiration.

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