jager bomb strain

Jager bomb strain

I will say I have a hard time giving any strain less than 5 stars! Jager is delicious flavor with a relaxing high! Only thing is doesn’t look so pretty sometimes. definitely not “exotic” but once you get into it you notice the purple inside the very greasy, sticky buds! Great high, give it a try! You won’t be disappointed if you enjoy Indica:)

Awesome! It taste amazing. I wanted to smoke it non stop. Definitely one of my top tens. Hits nice and hard, great indica strain.

Dense purple buds with a flavor that sticks to your mouth after you taste it. You deff taste the Jagermeister influence but unlike Jagermeister this Jager doesn’t have an unpleasant taste or hangover! Good for after you hit the gym hard and are recovering from it. Buds are smaller and more dense but the eyes can be deceiving. This is a powerful strain.

First time EVER trying Jager and was I blown away like a jager bomb. It has an amazing taste and LOUD smell. This combined with the almost instant relaxation, anxiety, and pain relieving properties leave this as one of my favorite strains, very similiar in thc content, look and relieving properties of Blackberry cream. I love this strain!

The best Indica for an all around experience. Smooth and great taste, quick head high along with the best body high. I was very attentive and I felt a mild couch lock once night time came (about 4 hours later and still was high!). My degenerative arthritis (I’m 60 years old), gets quick relief and most times. COMPLETE relief. Hunger will soon approach (soon after you medicate) as you’ll see. Munchies are a good thing, at my age I do 50% heathy stuff). For insomnia, medicate close to bed time and you’ll be pleased. Leftydood

Awesome strain! Knocks anxiety right out, the high lasts longer than other strains ive tried. Night time strain, sleep comes easy with this one. Super potent reminds me of Super Glue (effect wise)

Jager, also known more simply as “Jgr” to most of the cannabis community, is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain named for the infamous adult beverage that has mixed accounts of its origins. Many believe that it is a Hindu Kush descendant due to its effects and smell, but ma…

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Strain Detail: jager bomb

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Price Trend

Total Retail Sales by Month

Retailers Selling jager bomb Dec 2016

Business Total Sales Potency Median Retail Price Per G
Smuggler Brothers $4,783 21.50% to 23.32% $7.25

Producer-Processors Selling jager bomb Dec 2016

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