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“Engineered Veganically for Explosive Growth”

By combining sophisticated chemistry with homogenization and fermentation a superior veganic nutrient was designed by world famous grower Kyle Kushman! Vegamatrix Grow was created using the most powerful all-natural chelating agents on the planet. Because of these chelating agents being so powerful it ensures your plant will get the absolute maximum amount of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus that is required for massive plant biomass. And as growers we all know what more biomass means….bigger harvests!

Vegamatrix Grow was designed to be a source of primary nutrients and for maximum effectiveness, please combine with Vegamatrix Bloom and Vegamatrix Boost. This 3 part veganic nutrient combination is all you need to grow a wide selection of plants, ornamentals, trees, shrubs, vegetables and medicinal crops. Vegamatrix is almost non-burning at extremely high doses because of the combination of natural veganic ingredients. Not only that but it contains the lowest levels of heavy metals of any nutrient line currently on the market.

Vegamatrix strives to make veganics easy. They’ve combined all the crucial ingredients necessary for full flavored flowers and produce in 3 easy-to-use bottles. Vegamatrix Grow, Bloom and Boost provide complete nutrition in all stages of plant growth. This customizable nutrition program encourages rapid photosynthesis in all crops. Vegamatrix wants growers to grow healthy plants with intense flavors without sacrifice to the earth.

Vegamatrix nutrients are designed for use with any substrate or growing media.

Directions: Apply Vegamatrix Grow to every watering at a rate of 5-15 ml/g

Store in a cool dark place.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • -Total Nitrogen (N) 5%
  • -Nitrate Nitrogen 2%
  • -Other Water Soluble Nitrogen 3%
  • -Available Phosphate (P2O5) 2%
  • -Soluble Potash (K2O) 3%

Derived from: Kelp Extract, Sodium Nitrate, Soybean Meal, Rock Phosphate, Potassium Hydroxide

Also contains non-plant food ingredients: 0.1% Yucca Extract (derived from Yucca schidigera), 5% Citric Acid, 5% Phytic Acid, 0.5% Corn Syrup

Vegamatrix Grow is formulated to be a source of primary nutrients. Combining Vegamatrix Grow with Vegamatrix Bloom and Boost will enhance its effectiveness.

>VEGAMATRIX 5 years ago.

Team Kushman – Cultivate Peace

If you need any help , just let a GroBro Know


I promised to help and guide you when VegaMatrix was released, well it’s time to ROCK N ROLL. Vegamatrix is easy to use! It is Veganic, so it’s clean for both the plants and the environment. With Vegamatrix, your plants will look healthy, rich, and vibrant. Most importantly, the nutrients allow the flowers to flourish and thrive to their full potential. I will use this thread to answer any questions about using VegaMatrix and will periodically place suggestions and tips as they arise. We will even get surprise visits and tip’s from Kyle himself

;-D.This formula was designed for us team, it is time for the VegaMatrix Revolution.

Thanks BRAVEHEART ! my full set should be here wed . clones are rooting so I am ready ……. woot woot

Hells Angel OG grown with VegaMatrix nutrients, OG Tea Veganic Special Sauce Microbial Tea, Root WebStar and TGA Base Mix for media.

Grown 63 days using the VegaMatrix Hybrid 9 week feeding recipe.

Killer stuff Brave looks beautiful.

What’s up brave heart been awhile I was actually just about to test out this line and was wondering if you still run a fulvic and humic with it and if you still amend b12 great pics looks amazing

1- Have you motified the feeding schedule at all in your garden?
2-How much more do you use Amp it if using r.o. water?
3-Have you added any other nuitrients along side with vega matrix?

Have you tried the Jesus OG by subcool? I was reading how he thought Hells angle cut was the best to breed with when making Jesus OG.

Can’t wait till my flowers start packing some of the vega matrix FIRE power!

Good questions GD, we have not modified the feeding charts, these are the actual feeding charts that Kyle and his expert team of growers have created and are currently using. I have tried Jesus OG and it is a wonderful strain, I hope you find the phenol your looking for.

The way Mr. Kushman designed Vegamatrix was for us, Grower Friendly and Grower Conscious. He placed all the Fulvic, Humic, amino’s and vitamins necessary in Vegamatrix for us so we would not have to buy more. Vegamatrix is a revolutionary nutrient line, first in it’s class

When using R.O. water you can tweak the boost and the amp it as you see necessary. When using R/O water it is also safe to use 1 ml of amp it each feeding beside plain water feedings.

Be careful when adding other nutrients to the VegaMatrix program, the way VegaMatrix is designed is to have all the goodness in less bottles. The bloom, grow and boost alone have the proper nutrients to have a successful crop. There are already natural sugars added to the formula, but if you feel the need for a little more carbs, go for it. Let me know if you need anything else GreenDream, Im here forya.

Thanks Braveheart , I was about to ask about the use of “sweetners” , I have always been a big fan of using them , ( Floranectar) with my old veganic recipe . I’m going to run Vegamatrix /OGTea by the list you provided . B

I TOPPED and stripped 3/4s off the bottom on all 5 plants (2 dif strains) in VEG(33days) for the 4th time, 12 days ago …. just before starting Vegamatrix , (they had been on OGTea and G.O.( no squid) , and growing nicely) . 10 days and 4 feedings later,2 hard & quik , there is 5 inches of new growth where topped and 6 new branches /bud sites on this new growth , over a 100 bud sites per plant now on the top 6 inches and amazing leaf angles . 24 hrs in the dark , and they hit the bud rooms this morning , Vegamatrix and OGTea from here on out , and a 10 day flush ……………….. 9 week hybrids , stay tuned

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO B. I am so glad you get to experience this exciting time of evolution of plant nutrient’s

Hey Braveheart. Thanks for providing this great chart. In will definitely come in handy now that I am preparing for my first grow ever. Wish me luck. Now on to my question. I wanted to know if it’s ok to use the veganic special sauce and the root Webstar along with these nutes.

Kyle Kushman and I will be at the GroLife and booth at the U.S. Cup in Denver this weekend, come and see us to talk and learn about VegaMatrix.

Young Cultivata, Yes you can use OG Tea and RootWebstar with Vegamatrix, actually OG Tea is on the feeding chart and it is referring to OG Tea Veganic Special Sauce, there microbial tea. You want to measure out the amount of OG Tea Special Sauce as needed, place it in your water and stir or brew, it is not recommended to brew longer than 24 hours, and the OG tea company actually says no brewing needed. After you have placed your OG Tea or other AACT compost tea you add the Vegamatrix nutrient’s. I place my OG Tea VSS in my water stir vigorously and then add my Vegamatrix nutrients right on top of that, mix in and feed your plants, SIMPLE.

I am very excited to see vegamatrix released, hopefully kyle and crew are planning on being at the bay area cannabis cup too5 so I can pick up the line in person. Tried using the biocanna line a year ago with little luck, have incorporated a lot of kyles veganic techniques with a heavy organic soil mix with great results. Would love to see what this line would do for my garden.

The chart has a recommendation of the OG tea. As for the root web star I use it once a month. But that was what I was told from Kyle a while ago. May have changed. I would like to add, “be careful while pouring”. The design of the bottle is funny and you tend to get a lot of spillage. The slower the better I’ve found.

Been using Vegamatrix over a month and am very happy with it so far.

Thanks Greendream. Maybe you could help me with one more question I have. Is there a certain feeding schedule I should follow for an auto strain. I have grape muerto seeds that I am planning on using. I chose that because of my very limited space. I have a 32 inch incognito speaker. It suppose to be down from seed to flower with a 62 day window. Should I just follow the hybrid feeding schedule?

If you study the chart you notice that everything’s starts off low and then gradually increases. Always start off low and work your way up when adding anything to your plants so not to give them more than they can handle. As your plant grows more it can handle stronger feed. I’ve never grown an auto. Shouldn’t be much harder. Just follow the veg chart till you start notice flowers forming. Then adjust your own flower for how many weeks you have remaining. Notice the slow increase to a peak than slight drop. Ending with a flush. Keep that in mind when tweaking your own flower schedule.

Thanks a lot for all of the knowledge and advice you have given me. I am very much appreciative. Allow me to take this knowledge and put it to good use.

Yup yup! No problem. I was hoping BraveHeart was going to chime in. He should have so good advice as well.

I knew you would be happy APHND- 100% Veganic Vegasm LOL

Hard n Quick is an amazing foliar spray additive. It was the first P.G.R. Plant Growth Regulator approved by the FDA. It can be used from the mid vegetative stage all the way through the beginning of the flowering period. Hard N Quick will make your stems nice and thick and leafs sturdier than ever, it also contributes to more flowering sites which will in turn help to enhance your flowering production and overall yields.

Dosage- 15-25 ml, I use 15 ml when I also add a natural organic pesticide to the water as well. That’s right. You can add a natural organic pesticide to the Hard N Quick foliar spray and it will not change a thing. I use 25 ml when I am using Hard N Quick as a solo spray and also 25ml the week before and after I initiate the flowering cycle.

I live in a high humidity area so I foliar spray only once a week, If you live in a dry atmosphere feel free to foliar spray twice a week

;-D, Ill be back with more tips soon GrowFamily

It’s great to have your support Braveheart .. Im going to start this line with sunshine mix # 3 mixed with a little coco and perlite and R/O water . Any other advice for my medium ? Also do u recommend using hone or molasses when flushing :)?

Hello everybody, first post on this forum. Ive been growing veganic for a while now using biocanna. Im going to be using vegamatrix real soon. I have several questions for those familiar with the product. What is the solubility of this nutrient line? does it have high particle number or is it very refined? I ask cause i plan on using it with drippers on an automatic watering system. Would this nutrient line be easily susceptible to cloggin my drippers?

GROWBRO’S. Young Cultivator welcome to growing, if you keep hanging out with us your going to be a stellar grower, Green Dream gave you exact and precise answers, my brother from another mother plant he is.

Raccoon Crew- Kyle has already placed the fulvic and humics and vitamin B’s in the mix for us GrowBro, nice seeing you around.

Bahaga- You know I got you back buddy.

Rajiv- Yes you can use Vegamatrix in a drip system no problem, there is low particle, but not much at all. Make sure to always shake your bottles before measuring. Make sure to always do your routine plant and house flush with plain water or flush of your choice. This will help from any unwanted clogging.

GrowBro’s I and Kushman are here for you, I communicate with him regularly and am a product specialist for Vegamatrix. LET’S GROW.

Thank you for the welcome. Could you possibly recommend as feeding regimen for auto flowering strains?

Young C.- I researched the strain Grape Muerto For you and you need to use the indica feed chart. Have you seen any female pistols yet?

Well bro to be honest with you I’m still waiting on two products that are on back order before I start. I want to have the optimal variables to increase my rate of having good veganic sensimillia. I pray greners gets them soon but believe I’m not in a rush. I’m going to take my time and do things right. Thank you once again Braveheart. I believe this is the beginning of a great friendship.

hopefully vegamatrix line will include a printed out grow chart in the future and come in a smaller box..the box they sent mine in could of fit 18 or more bottles lol

KloneKing you always keep us on our toes, thank you GroBro, I will let the boss’s know

;-D, have you tried printing the feed chart off of this thread? If you call im sure they would send you a feed chart. Also there will be more stores in your area carrying Vegamatrix real soon buddy and they will have lots of feed charts.

Bahaga feel free to do a normal molasses flush, No problemo.

Blue Santa grown with Vegamatrix nutrients.

lol whats up Im too lazy to go buy a printer..I could print one up and I would agree that by doing that its more earth friendly..I actually just took a picture of the grow chart with my phone and took it in with me for reference..but after a cpl feeds I got it in my head now..but being a creature of habit, had to stir the pot…ya hopefully some local grow shops will get with the program soon if they’re smart and pick it up..most of them already have the veganic special my surprise , the one nearest to my house that carries the OG Tea, haven’t heard of Vegamatrix. Greners should or hopefully have come up with a more efficient method of packing though. love the Matrix though..just switched to flower..week 1..have yet to ph my water and the ladies look AMAZING BROHAMS….and sooooooo much esier than any other nutrient line up…nice have way less bottles around the grow room.

BH, whats up broham? I’d like you’re opinion on this and others feel free to chime in too…would you consider week 1 of flower( as far as feed ached) the day you flip to 12/12 or would week one start the 7th day after 12/12. Ive always gone by the day I flip to 12/12

I pretty much consider it the first week till the 7th day in 12/12 and then in to that following week I bump up to the 2 week nutrient phase as it gets closer to 14 days.

Hey Brave what are the genetics of Blue Santa?

I love having less bottles as well KKing, and I like knowing the nutrients in the bottle do an outstanding job growing medicine for my patients. Vegamatrix grows true clean medicine.

KKing I have always started week 1 on the feed chart when I start the 12/12 flower cycle. On the Vegamatrix feed charts we took this into consideration. It is called Transition Stage Feeding.

“Transition refers to the changeover from vegetative growth to flowering. It begins when you initiate flowering and typically lasts 1-2 weeks. Transitional feeding should last longer for Sativa’s than Indica’s, as they take longer to complete budset”.- Kyle Kushman

“In the first weeks of flowering the plant still needs the same levels of Nitrogen because the plant is still vigorously growing new shoots, leaves, and branches. Not flowers, which is the reason it doesn’t require the ratio of a flowering fertilizer until after budset”. – Kyle Kushman

APHND- Blue Santa is a special cross of DJ Short blueberry x Santa Maria- Plank cut

BH I agree, just wanted to show some others that its starts on 12/12 not 7days after…and yes sir, agree that transition feeding is a good way to go, so many growers give me that zombie look when I tell them I transition feed and I don’t flush several times in my grow cycle, (because I grow veganic, not synthetic) so many people don’t even get what veganics is , yet they all love to tell me without synthetic nutrients , Ill never be able to get a high potency,high producing plant…lol, just like you can’t bud with LED’s either i guess, everyones an expert.

week 3 starts tomorrow of Blue Magoo, they are turning into little monsters I tell you, love them girls so much. and they are so happy with the food. good show me brothers good show.

It was a ton of fun in Santa Rosa during Cannabis Cup weekend. Kyle gave a wonderful Vegamatrix presentation to a full class, some special participants even flew across the country to come and see Kyle speak. We even met Charlie, a HUGE tomato plant grown with Vegamatrix. Yes that is one tomato bush, I verified it. GOOD TIMES!

I just started week 5 of flower and my plants are starting to do this at the bottom and making its way slowly up the plant and has been doing it for about a week or so. im using vegamatrix and special sauce. runoff is at 6.5 and im using the 9 week hybrid feed schedule.. I think its a potassium deficiency cuz that’s what my deficiency guide is telling me but not really sure.. 10 gal pots and the plants are bigger than I thought they would get after I switched them into flower, theyre bout 6 ft tall and prolly the same size around. suggestions are greatly appreciated


How often and how much Amp it are you using? Damn that’s my kind of plant GroBro, ” I LIKE BIG PLANTS AND I CANNOT LIE”. And how often are you using OG Tea? I ask these questions because it appears to me you need more micro’s, and sometimes when growers use OG Tea incorrectly the seaweed and some of the other ingredients can build up and start causing some issues, but that’s not just with OG Tea, that’s with any compost or microbial tea. I have started using OG Tea once a week only at 5ml per gallon during a plant feed day and I also have been using a plain water only feeding ph’d to 6.0 once a week to keep the rhizo active and functioning properly and keep it from getting to clogged and unhealthy. In container gardening the plain water feedings are necessary, just like humans we need plain water to keep us hydrated and functioning properly, so do plants. If we gorged ourselves with food and never drank water we would get clogged up and really sick. Remember that your plants are alive and living and there roots need LOVE and a BATH occasionally just like us.

As the old saying goes, sometimes less is more

The only Time I ph my water is when I do a plain water feeding. When I use Vegamatrix I never ph my water.

Ive been doing exactly what the chart says to do… was doing what the chart said for the amp it until u said to start using it at 1 ml/gal with every feeding a few weeks ago, but im still using the og tea every watering at 1 tsp/gal… i will do a plain water feeding next time i water and start doing that once a week, im also gonna cut back on the tea to once per week like you said , ive just been doing what the chart says… should i add more amp it with the plain water or wait until i feed next time?

TC that’s awesome your following the feed chart,

Im sharing some old school knowledge to help you GroBro and other growers that may run into the same issues. Do a plain water feeding first, no AMP IT. TRUST, I haven’t let a GroBro down yet

;-D Have you tried calling the VEGAMATRIX 1-800-648-3426 GroBro Support Line?

ok man thanx bro!! No I have not called them yet, hahaha I didn’t even know about the support line!! One more thing, u say u use the hard n quick at 15-25 ml but the chart says 10 ml.. ive been using it at 10 ml/gal, should I raise it?

Dosage- 15-25 ml, I use 15 ml when I also add a natural organic pesticide to the water as well. That’s right. You can add a natural organic pesticide to the Hard N Quick foliar spray and it will not change a thing. I use 25 ml when I am using Hard N Quick as a solo spray and also 25ml the week before and after I initiate the flowering cycle.

I live in a high humidity area so I foliar spray only once a week, If you live in a dry atmosphere feel free to foliar spray twice a week

;-D, Ill be back with more tips soon GrowFamily

So I’m a little confused about the feeding. The chart says these small numbers of ml. When I use the vegamatrix app for feeding and I put in that I’m using 5 gallon pots it’s telling me use like 40ml. So Do I put that 40ml per gallon of water that will be used to water the pots or is that 40ml total for what should be going into each pot? I’m kind of not getting what the feed calculator and the chart are telling me. Any help would really be appreciated.

No no no, if you put a 5 in the gal per container it will multiple each does times 5, thinking you have a 5 gallon container not a 1 gallon,

Does that make sense my friend, I hope I’m not confusing you

I’m about to switch over to Vegamatrix for my next indoor grow. I’m currently using G.O. but only as needed because I grow in well amended living soil. Any Tips? Im stoked the Hard n Quick will work with neem!

ohhhhhh so the app thinks I’m using a 5 gallon container total for watering and that’s the amount that should go into each container? If so I kind of feel pretty stupid right now. Also if you know the answer to this I would appreciate it, why can’t I edit anything on here like my picture and what not? says I don’t have enough permission or something ?

Abominable- Switching from G.O. to Vegamatrix is going to be VERY SIMPLE for you, especially if you already have used amended soil before. If you are using amended soils always work your way up from at least half strength to see how your plants are going to react, I would also recommend a plain water feed at least once a week with a heavily amended soil, just to make sure your keeping your soil balanced and not getting to hot and causing any problems.

Hard N Quick does work great with neem based products, I used 10ml of Hard n Quick with 15 ml of Azamax last night , they LOVE IT.

HesA- Yes it does think you are mixing in a 5 gallon container, if you would like a 1 gallon recipe you place a 1

;-D, I just checked it out, it’s pretty sweet.

What is best to use for flushing with vegamatrix? And when should the flush start on a week 9 schedule?

i am very new. I have outdoor plants in pots that are just starting to bud. I purchased the starter kit. How do I mix this stuff? How do I read this chart? Sorry, I know it’s simplistic, but please help.

>VEGAMATRIX 5 years ago. Team Kushman – Cultivate Peace If you need any help , just let a GroBro Know Attachments: I promised to help and guide you when VegaMatrix was released, well