la og


LA OG is a powerhouse hybrid strain that provides a robust head and body high. Created by combining LA Confidential and OG Kush, this indica-dominant strain is ideal for artists and creators alike.

LA OG Attributes

  • Indica-dominant Hybrid
  • Great For: Pain Relief, Insomnia, Nausea, Fatigue, Mild-Moderate Aches and Pains, Inflammation
  • Remedies featuring LA OG: Pre-rolls, Hand-trimmed Flower

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These beautifully dense nugs glitter with frosty white trichomes. A vivid green bud is sprinkled with light syrupy-amber hairs. The LA OG flower is as stunning as a sunny Los Angeles day.

Aroma and flavor

This flower boasts a mature, musky scent. Zesty citrus notes work well to highlight rich pine. Deep woodiness mixes well with floral notes, allowing for a fragrant strain.

The taste has a delectable blend. Reminiscent of wild berries, the strain has an enchanting flavor profile. With sweet undertones, faint citrus, and savory earthiness, it leaves a pleasant aftertaste as well.

LA OG effects

Expect very Kush-like effects. Strong sedative properties allow a euphoric feeling to relax both your body and mind while still remaining focused and uplifted. LA OG may help treat insomnia, pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation, cramps, fatigue, and nausea.

A powerhouse, indica-dominant strain that provides a robust head and body high, LA OG is ideal for artists and creators alike.