large plastic planter pots

Large plastic planter pots

The best place to buy plastic pots in Sydney

We love plastic pots. They’re tough enough to withstand the elements but light enough to be easily moved. Plus, plastic plant pots are completely waterproof, to protect your deck, floors and furniture from water damage.

Plastic pots are also a great go-to for container gardening in small spaces and balcony gardens, thanks to their ease of movement and weather-proof hardiness. Thanks to our range of interesting shapes and beautiful colours, you’ll find plastic pots to suit every space.

What are the benefits of plastic plant pots?

Whether you’re considering plastic garden pots or plastic indoor pots, there are many benefits to choosing plastic for your plants.

  • They are generally less expensive than ceramic, concrete or terracotta.
  • They often have more drainage holes than heavier alternatives and it’s easy to drill more holes in them if needed
  • They’re lightweight, so they’re great for balconies and decks where you don’t want to overload the space. This also makes plastic a good choice for hanging planters from the ceiling.
  • They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and can be thick and sturdy or ultra fine.
  • They are a safer, non-breakable alternative to ceramic, clay or terracotta if you have young children or pets around.
  • They keep moisture in, which helps keep soil moist – great for plants that don’t like to dry out.
  • They’re waterproof, so won’t seep moisture into floors or furniture.
  • Black plastic holds heat well, so it’s a good choice for plants that like roots to be kept warm.
  • You can now buy plant pots made of recycled plastic, for a more eco-friendly alternative.

What to do with plastic plant pots

If you’re often finding yourself in Flower Power buying more plants, you may discover you have quite a collection of plastic plant pots. Don’t throw them away! There are plenty of ways you can repurpose them. Here’s what to do with plastic plant pots:

  • Use them as temporary homes for propagation or split existing plants and gift to friends.
  • Smaller ones can be used for seed germination before you transplant plants to the garden.
  • Plant water plants in them, then submerge them in your pond. Make sure to add extra weight like rocks to the bottom before submerging.
  • Plant them within your garden bed to contain plants that run wild, like mint.
  • Use them as liners for prettier plant pots that have no drainage.
  • Pop them upside down over small plants to protect them when you dump mulch, or on frosty nights.
  • Put them upside down inside larger decorative pots so you don’t have to fill the whole thing with soil. This helps to keep the weight down, and means you use less potting mix.
  • Paint them your favourite colour and use them as planters again and again. This is also a fun project for children.

How to store plastic plant pots

How to store plastic plant pots isn’t as simple as just throwing them in a cupboard. You’ll need to give them a good clean in between use to avoid transferring pests, dormant seeds and diseases between plants.

Start by emptying your container. Remove the dead vegetation and if the plant was free from disease, you can compost it along with the potting mix. Don’t reuse the potting mix as it won’t have enough nutrients for a new plant. Wash your pots with warm soapy water to kill any bugs or fungus, then let them dry completely before storing them.

You can store plastic plant pots outside, but ceramic and terracotta should be stored indoors if possible.

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