lemon skittles strain

Lemon Zkittle

Lemon Zkittle is a feminized cannabis strain with high THC levels of about 20%. It is based on the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk that was crossed with Zkittlez. Lemon Zkittle is a well-balanced indica/sativa hybrid that contains around 60% sativa genetics.

The strain produces big yields of potent bright green and yellow buds. Lemon Zkittle has amazing lemon aromas during flowering. It is easy to grow plant with high resin production. The flowering period takes 9-10 weeks.

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Harvest on F+61 so 2 days less than the shorter recommended harvest window : 63 to 70 days of flowering.

Once cut I discovered a roots issue with a sort of white powder around the roots system , I guess it has harm the plant enough to slow her.

So that plant is growing pretty easily with an average dosage of nutrients which means you don’t need to go with an aggressive feeding schedule to get a good results which can be a good opportunity for growers on budget , for peoples who can’t have access to the plan easily like the guerilla growers , for peoples who are starting their first grow and who fears to burn the plants by over feeding.

The structure is an open structure like many of the strains that have been crossed to a Skunk. Which means they have a sativa ascent that makes the distance between nodes higher than for an skunk/Afghani cross for example.
That open structure allow the light to hit more budsites without LST or defoliation.

The buds are quickly coming big like balls which could be a problem if your humidity is highe in flowering like mine but even if it can be a problem that strain is very resistant so you can wait for a while before bud rot appears.

Resistant to aerial bugs like spider mites , thrips and white fly. Less resistant against roots/soil bug but I was able to achieve a descent yield whit such an infestation.

The taste is wonderful , it’s a berry grape peppery taste , the pepper is more like a hint in the taste even an after taste. The most impressive is the grape/berry part which is a real taste explosion in your mouth.

The taste reamain the same during 70% if the joint then I feel like the last 30% are tasteless :hugging_face: the best terpenes profiles are a 100% rating but 70% is great.

The effect is , to me , pretty indica like. Each time I’ve smoked a spliff I was going to bed during the next hour , or I was falling asleep on the sofa. This weed also have a happy face effect as I’m always feeling good when I’m smoking it , likec if I had no problems in my life ( and like if my weight were lighter)

I have the feeling that , mixed with tobacco or with smaller pure spliff I could find the right dosage to have a feel good weed.

Careful : Mr Spinner is an occasional smoker and when she smoked it she was like a zombie and the weed screwed my program for the night so be careful if you smoke that with an occasional smoker.

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