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LIBERTY HAZE- the most perplexing strain ever?

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Many are in a twinge about our most recent cannabis cup winner, Liberty Haze, from Barney’s Coffeeshop. Some say it’s the most potent product available. Some would disagree, even saying that it’s a junk strain.

Obviously, if it were a junk strain it would have never placed, let alone won, a cannabis cup. But could it be that there are hidden properties of this rather interesting hybrid?

Liberty haze is a product of chemdawg 91, (OG Kush shares these genes) and the famous G-13. Already, it looks like we’re a shoe-in.

But each week I read of more disasters in the grow room. Curling, over-stretching, unfathomably long flowering time, and other unexpected bumps in the road.

I’ve been growing a liberty haze along with an LSD (both female) to test Liberty Haze as a strain, but also to compare it to a more popular Barney’s Farm strain.

here are our two beautiful subjects. On the right you see the LSD. On the left, the Liberty Haze. Note that the Liberty Haze is 3 weeks younger than the LSD and was only under 24 hour light for a week. The LSD got four nice weeks of 24 hour veg. However, you see that the Liberty Haze is taller. There is an astronomical amount of stretch in this phenotype. Liberty Haze is in her fourth week of flowering, and the LSD is in her seventh. The difference in bud size is very noticeable; I can expect at least a nine week flowering time, despite the description from Barney’s Farm.

Here is the LSD. You can see that her buds are nicely developed. The seventh week explosion has initiated.
A full size can of bathroom cleaner for size comparison.
I couldnt resist a bit of porn here.
The lower nuggets are developing nicely, and overall I would rate this pheno as very hairy; the skunk genes really show over the mazar with this one.

more porn for reference.
I’m sorry.
Anyway! Here is the Liberty Haze.Here you can really see her lithe branches. There was more stretching in this plant than any other strain I’ve grown. However, bud structure is tight. I can expect lots of golf-ball nuggets, with many medium-sized tops. The way I fimmed her, I dont really expect huge colas.
Here she is from the top.
and here.

SO. I will have updates in a few days. Be sure to follow me on this one, guys; I know people have questions about Liberty Haze, and so I am more than Happy to carry you all through the remainder of this experimental grow! There will be an in-depth smoke report of BOTH LSD AND LIBERTY HAZE, and I can’t wait. CHEERS!

Many are in a twinge about our most recent cannabis cup winner, Liberty Haze, from Barney's Coffeeshop. Some say it's the most potent product available…