lighting seeds pure

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Nighttime slows, raindrops splash rainbows

Perhaps someone you know could sparkle and shine

As the daydreams slide to color from shadow

Picture the moonglow that dazzles my eyes

Just lying, smiling in the dark, shooting stars around your heart

Dreams come bouncing in your head, pure and simple everytime

But now you’re crying in your sleep, I wish you’d never learn to weep

Don’t sell the dream you should be keeping pure and simple everytime

Dream of sights, of sleigh rides in seasons

Where feelings, not reasons, can make you decide

As the rain pours down, splash autumn on gardens

As colder nights harden their moonlit delights

If love’s the truth then look no lies and let me swim around your eyes

I’ve found the place I’ll never leave, I’ll shut my eyes and just believe

Love is the truth I’ve realized, not a stream of pretty lies

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