Low Thc Weed Seeds

Looking for cannabis with a low THC level ? Seedsman offers the widest variety of low THC cannabis seeds available online. Strains with a low THC content are the mellowest. i49 stocks many low-THC seeds of the finest quality. To order, contact +1(240)618-2744 or buy online. Low level THC Cannabis Seeds. THC Said to be the most popular and abundant, it has strong psychoactive properties giving the euphoric effect.

Low THC Seeds

Sometimes strains with high THC levels can be overwhelming when legally consumed.

Today, many collectors are now starting to prefer less intense products that are lower in THC content. Therefore, strains containing low THC levels have become the go-to, especially those who are beginners in using the compound to achieve a particular outcome. It essentially serves THC-sensitive consumers who prefer to use the strain without consuming a high level of THC.

Check out our blog post about Master Hemp , a strain with one of the best CBD: THC ratios.

Want to buy low THC cannabis seeds online? We’ve made it easy with our selection below, and with discreet worldwide postage and multiple payment options , it’s never been easier and more convenient to buy low THC cannabis seeds online!

Low THC Seeds

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. or just smoke some CBD Sour Lemon.

A safe bet for those who want to be certain to obtain a heavy yield.

Let the Widow wash away your anxiety and soothe your body.

Enjoy the unique balanced benefits of Shishkaberry and high-CBD Candida

Enjoy a cheerful lift and energizing shif.

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An utterly delicious way to restore your body and spirit.

It can withstand the temperature fluctuations of northern climates, which makes them a great option for the garden.

A tweaked version of the popular medicinal strain, now with even more CBD.

Low THC (- 10%)

Low level THC Cannabis Seeds. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. Said to be the most popular and abundant it has strong psychoactive properties giving the euphoric effect.

Low level usually means under 10% THC levels commonly found in Indica varieties. Many stains as low as near zero. Low THC strains are ideal for beginners and have grown in popularity over the years. many Low THC cannabis seeds are CBD strains ideal for medicinal users.

CBD Critical Mass Feminised Cannabis Seeds by CBD Crew

The CBD enriched Critical Mass is, as its origins would imply, a large yielding strain. It grows like a sativa but with heavy, dense indica-like flowers. Its buds can get so heavy during flowering that there is a good need to support them to avoid snapping. CBD Critical Mass has a rich honey sweetness with deep and strong complex aromas.

Skunk Haze CBD Feminised Seeds

Skunk Haze produces large, sativa plants and so does the CBD enriched variation. Plants are tall but self-supporting with large airy sativa flowers. The aroma and flavour are of spicy cedar wood alongside tones of citrus, pine and peppermint.