lowes potting mix

Lowes potting mix

Yes, Tilth. Compost and backyard soil are far too dense and compact. In a container, they press down on the roots and prevent proper growth and airflow, as well as providing poor drainage.

I would keep an eye out for potting mixes like ProMix, or make your own with a mixture of peat moss and other ingredients.

I actually buck the trend and put about 10% compost in my containers, but that only works if the rest of the soil is *very* light.

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As some one who’s had as many as 160-200 containers of varying sizing growing at one time, I’ve experimented quite a bit with my own mix. If I opt for cheap potting soil. or even black earth. then I’m adding allot of other stuff like peatmoss, vermiculite, sand, compost into it. Every year I dump the previous years’ out and combine that with new stuff. Occasionally I use straight potting mix with some compost. And like Feldon I figure I’ve got 10% compost in each pot. perhaps more in the larger containers.

Don’t forget to lay your foundation with good drainage in your containers. In my larger ones (36in dia. x 30in high) I’ve got at least 4 to 6 inches of coarse gravel in the bottom mixed with some small pebbles. That way if it rains heavily, the roots aren’t sitting in a swimming pool at the bottom. plus I drill holes about 2 inches up all the way around the container.

It’s nice to get all of the different perspectives! Last year being my first year I grabbed miracle gro garden soil and it setup like a brick!!

I’ll definitely go softer with a softer mix this year.

God comes along and says, “I think I’m going to create THE tomato!”

Best soil for containers from Lowes Growing In Containers

Lowe’s ‘Staygreen Potting Mix-Moisture Control’

This is weird potting mix – too many moisture chrystals – I can get it to dry out!

Anyone else have this problem?

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If your using this for seeds, I was told to never use the moisture control for seeds. I bought the all purpose staygreen potting mix but it smells so bad that I only used a small portion and have dumped the rest far up my street so I dont have to smell it anymore.

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I like the Stay-Green, but I don’t use the moisture-controlled type. I never noticed a bad smell.

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