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Lesson: Learn Throwing a Basic Pot on The Potter’s Wheel

Learn Pottery, Step-by-step lesson

The tutorial below will guide you step by step illustrating how to use your body properly throwing a pot on the wheel. Always start small. This demo is with a 3 lbs clay and starting with 2 lbs will be a wise choice if you are a beginner.

4. Get your hands wet

6. Sit close to the wheel & anchor your elbows tightly against body

8. Level top of cone with thumbs pressure

10. Coning down – place left hand as in previous step securing elbow into body

12. Right hand pushes down. Left hand pushes forward. Wheel speed – fast

14. Left hand smooths outer edge of clay with palm

16. Decisively, make a hole in center – both hands are touching each other

18. Pull clay out – both hands are touching each other and clay is wet

20. Smooth all unevenness. Make sure clay is not too dry

22. If bottom too thick or uneven pass thumbs on bottom as shown

26. Raise the wall – squeeze clay w/ fingers using a sponge. Use fingers tips only. Hands touching

28. Contact clay with finger tips to avoid unnecessary friction

30. Smooth the rim at end of each pull

32. As the wall gets thinner, use less finger surface contact .

34. Even wall of cylinder

36. Collar top portion of cylinder in and even the rim

40. Smooth rim with Chamois

42. Under cutting -Clear clay from bat for easy access to the cutting wire

44. Watch the angle of the wooden tool.

46. Push the wire against the bat with thumbs or index fingers

48. If throwing for practice, slice pot to view wall uniformity

Step-by-step illustration of how to throw a clay pot on the pottery wheel | beginners throwing pot lesson | Learn Pottery