Male And Female Weed Seed

If you’re just starting out growing cannabis, you may have come across fanciful terms like feminized cannabis seeds, pot seeds, auto-flowers, females, males, hermaphrodites, photoperiod plants, among others. In this article, we will look at feminized weed seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds Feminized cannabis seeds have no male chromosomes and will only grow female flowers. Female Amsterdam Seed Supply – Keen on growing but you want to know what Marijuana seeds are female? – Discrete order & shipment Plants, like mammals, come in both male and female types. Weed seeds are also classified as either male or female. Male seeds generate pollen, which

What are feminized cannabis seeds: Difference between Male and Female Pot Seeds

If you’re just starting out growing cannabis, you may have come across fanciful terms like feminized cannabis seeds, pot seeds, auto-flowers, females, males, hermaphrodites, photoperiod plants, among others. In this article, we will look at feminized weed seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds have no male chromosomes and will only grow female flowers. Female cannabis plants are desired for their over-sufficiency in terpenes and cannabinoids (THC and CBD). This quality makes them a great choice for growers who are looking to grow all-female plants for an easy harvest.

How to tell female pot seeds from male seeds

On a basic level, a wild cannabis plant is hermaphroditic, meaning that it contains genetic attributes of males and females. This physical makeup derives from the plant’s need to self-propagate. With advancements in genetic engineering, breeders come up with a way to generate robust female plants to maximize the efficiency of cannabinoid and terpene production to meet consumer demand.

Female weeds plants or seeds produce THC, while male weeds plants or seeds do not. Female cannabis plants or seeds can produce flowers, whereas, male cannabis plants or seeds produce small rounded balls called pollen that are crucial for pollination (natural reproduction). Female cannabis plants or seeds produce V-shaped pistils at the commencement of their flowering stage and male ones do not.

Why use feminized seeds?

Let’s look at the advantages of using feminized seeds:

More cannabinoids

Feminized seeds pack a huge punch of cannabinoids compared with male seeds. The genetically engineered strains are often grown for enhanced potency and fragrance. They are ideal for growers who require a quick and easy growing and flowering process. Quality feminized seeds online bring forth plants that are bursting in THC – the main psychoactive component of cannabis and CBD. Recreational users of cannabis savor the enhanced uplift that the THC in feminized strains induces.

Easy to cultivate

Pick any random cannabis plant and there is certainly a 50 percent chance that it’s male. But with feminized seeds, you are 99.9% certain you will get female flowers that are bud-bearing. You will also get reliable genetics with heightened potency and aroma.

Eliminate stress

When you cultivate feminized seeds, you are guaranteed resinous flowers with rich cannabinoid profiles in your garden. You will experience accelerated growth and more afternoon naps as female plants eliminate the trouble of pruning and maintaining male flowers that you’ll eventually dispose of. In other words, there’s no need to check for male flowers.

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Effective use of space

Besides the knowledge that all your feminized plants are producing quality cannabis, you will optimize your growing area for maximum productivity.

Helps to identify the best breeder

The quality of feminized seeds can be gleaned from the amount of hermaphroditic flowers it yields. Feminized seeds from a reputable seed store are almost 100% devoid of hermaphrodites.

How to feminize a cannabis seed

Many feminized hybrids out there are sequestered from regular, pure varieties. In a natural setting, feminization is done by the transfer of the pollen of the male to the female, guaranteeing the transfer of hereditary information.

In a controlled, indoor growing environment, the technique for producing feminized seeds involves blocking the phytohormone ethylene responsible for maturation and ageing of the vegetative tissues and reproductive development. The grower creates female genes by breeding two female cannabis plants together, shrinking the hermaphrodite genes to yield seeds that will produce female offspring. The grower achieves feminization by spritzing young flowers with gibberellic acid or colloidal silver to modify the plant’s development. Well-feminized seeds show high improbability of developing hermaphrodite genes again.

Which feminized cannabis seeds should I buy?

Kannabia is a renowned online seeds company. We have one of the most expansive collections of feminized cannabis seeds online. At Kannabia Seed Company, there are thousands of strains from our massive seed banks. We deploy the most effective biotechnological procedures to develop high-quality kannabia seeds feminized seeds including La Blanca and Marató Blue – our classical strains.

Wrapping Up

Humans, for decades have combined different species from all over the world. The result is a hybrid that adopts the characteristics of both parents. The same thing holds true for cannabis plants and seeds. Through bioengineering methods, we have been able to develop kannabia cannabis seeds comprising 99.9% cannabinoid-rich feminized seeds that are commercially coveted.

What Marijuana Seeds Are Female?

As a rule of thumb, you cannot know what sex the Marijuana seeds are by just looking at them. Even Feminized Marijuana seeds are 99.99999% certain to be female. The only way you can find out what marijuana seeds are female is by germination. After two or three weeks, you will see the male or female flowers and this is the only way to know for sure what marijuana seeds are female.

You know what marijuana seeds are female, but why all the fuss?

Feminized marijuana seeds are the “easiest” seeds to grow after the Auto-flowering varieties. Feminized marijuana seeds mean that they are treated to make them female marijuana seeds (hence the name feminized) so that all the marijuana seeds can be used to get flowers. Breeders usually sell feminized marijuana seeds for their strains because they are easier to grow than regular female marijuana seeds and are too unstable to reproduce, although some people use female plants from feminized marijuana seeds to get cuttings, it is advisable that they use female from Regular marijuana seeds. It is recommendable to start growing with Feminized marijuana seeds, this will mean that the final plant won’t have any undesirable surprises like marijuana seeds reducing potency since there are only female marijuana plants.

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Difference Between Male and Female Weed Seeds

Plants, like mammals, come in both male and female types. Weed seeds are also classified as either male or female. Male seeds generate pollen, which pollinates female plant buds. Pollinated flowers give birth to seeds. It has been shown that 30-50% of weed seeds are male.

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Table of Contents

Male vs Female Weed Seeds

The main difference between male weed seeds and female weed seeds is that the function of male weed seeds is to produce pollens and the function of the female weed seeds is to reproduce. The male weed seeds cannot produce buds, and they do not possess pistils. The female weed seeds possess several pistils and can produce buds.

The male weed seeds are more prevalent in terms of their growth. Most weed seeds are male more than female. They grow naturally and produce pollens from their sacks to fertilize the female weed seeds. They do not have pistils attached to themselves, and they also cannot produce buds.

The female weed seeds are less prevalent than the male weed seeds. They can be created artificially, too, to increase their numbers. Female weed seeds receive pollens and get fertilized, and they can also produce buds. They possess a number of pistils that look like white and tiny hair-like structures.

Comparison Table Between Male and Female Weed Seeds

What are Male Weed Seeds?

Male weed seeds essentially generate pollen, which is required for female weed plants to reproduce organically. The presence of small pods on the internodes of the main stem distinguishes male weed seeds. It does not have any white hair. When these pods mature, they open and release pollen.

Male plants are not only less appealing, but they also interfere with the quality and output of your female plant. Males generate pollen and develop pollen sacks. Male weed seeds are often more gangly than female weed seeds. They can grow tall and thin, with fewer fan leaves and wider spacing between branches (also known as larger inter-nodal spacing).

Male seeds begin to generate pollen between mid-July and mid-September, depending on the hemisphere. Male weed seeds and plants grow vertically and have fewer branches and leaves than female weed seeds and plants. As a result, they appear fragile and sickly.

Male plants are often tall with robust stalks; they have fewer leaves and scattered stems. They are utilized in the harvesting process. To pollinate the female plant, several plants that are utilized for breeding are pollinated.

Male plants are harvested before they begin pollinating and shake as little as possible to minimize inadvertent pollination of female plants if they are in close proximity.

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What are Female Weed Seeds?

Female marijuana seeds are marijuana plants with tiny, white hair. They emerge in pairs, internodes, and branches at the apex of the stem. During the flowering process, these hairs increase in quantity and thickness, eventually becoming orange.

The plant’s sexual identification may be identified by the end of July in the Northern Hemisphere and the end of January in the Southern Hemisphere.

Female seeds are easily distinguished from male seeds once the plant shows the “v” shaped structure known as the pistils. The pistils protrude from the third to fourth internodes of the stem. Female weed seeds are often more compact and bushier than males.

Female weed seeds that have not been pollinated are referred to as “sinsemilla,” which translates as “without seeds.” The blossoms are left to grow and mature so that the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol may be produced (THC). When a female plant is pollinated by a neighboring male, her energy switches to seed production.

Marijuana is generated by the female marijuana plant’s resinous blooms. They become delicate in flavor if they are not pollinated. Thus gardeners aim to maintain the female and male plants at a safe enough distance so that the female plant does not be pollinated.

Main Differences Between Male and Female Weed Seeds

  1. Male weed seeds produce pollen, whereas the primary function of female weed seeds is to receive pollens or reproduce.
  2. Male weed seeds don’t have any pistils. Female weed seeds do have several seeds.
  3. Male weed seeds are more prevalent, and female weed seeds are less prevalent.
  4. Male weed seeds cannot be artificially created and only tend to occur naturally. On the other hand, female weed seeds do occur naturally, but they can also be created artificially.
  5. Male weed seeds are not capable of producing buds, whereas female weed seeds are capable of producing a number of buds.


It may appear difficult, yet male and female weed seeds are easily distinguished; they are significantly different. To accurately sex weed seeds, you must first become acquainted with their anatomy in general.

The main differences between male and female weed seeds are that of their function and anatomy.

Apart from the flower variations, male and female weed seeds share a few potentially related features.

It is critical to determine the sex of weed plants as soon as possible because if the female plant pollinates and the male plants are not picked on time, the fine herb is collected much less, and the plants with a lot of seeds are left to deal with.

Planting ordinary seeds has advantages and disadvantages; you can receive considerably bigger yields with feminized plants since you are assured no male plants. Keep in mind, though, that feminized seeds have not gone through a completely natural process to become female, which may impair the quality of your weed.