mango haze grow

Mango haze grow

#1- Citrus pheno (2 plants). Ready the first half of November. Effect is clear up high of medium potency. Happy and social. Duration is 2hr. Circa.

#2 – Incense pheno (1 plant). It matured the second half of November. Effect is similar but stronger than the citrus. This plant had a strong incence hazy smell.

#3 – Mango/Incense pheno (1 plant). This is the wow-pheno. Weed like this is generally called “for expert smokers only”, in facts you’ll need a strong heart to finish a joint. At least until you accustom.
The mango pheno was the latest one and finished the last week of November with a delicious unripe mango smell and a light incense aroma that will become stronger and dominant during curing. Duration is. well: you’re gonna realize how much time and space can be relative ;-p

COMMON TRAITS: All plants grew with the same tall and thin sativa structure. They optimally performed outdoor at my latitude that’s not exactly tropical. No deficiencies or health problems at all.

Syd’s Mango Haze Cannabis Grow Report, part of the IC Strain Guide Section of International Cannagraphic Magazine.