mango kush sativa or indica

Mango kush sativa or indica

Mango Kush Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
THC: 11% – 20%

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Good strain before bedtime, taste really good with a pleasant scent of Pine and Mango.

First year growing mango kush. Plant was 3.5 oz. to the foot. Like the buzz good for senior citizen like me reminds me of weed we smoked in Viet na m during the 1960s. Weedman 1952

Good strain. Had it yrs ago. Smells like mangos but tastes sweet citrus like it should. High was very sativa appealed but later body buzzed me considering its Indica dominant. Good choice to grab for tastes & different lineage. Its a change up from ur other flowers

From my experience with fruit named flowers I’ve tried mango kush deff exceeds flavor of the fruit. Smells tastes burn mango flavor throughout. It smelled so much like mango I put it in a mango flavored Rillo & blew smoke to the heavens. Great high also through all this description..

Nice smell. Hight energy doest work for muscular pain medical conditions. It is not good relax. You wake up with a headache

Love the taste and smell of the mango kush. Im Super relaxed. Absolutely no anxiety. My new favorite.

Love love love the tropical fruity taste of this cannabis strain. Especially when it comes to cooking. When used in edibles, this strain knocks my pain straight out of the park! I do so enjoy the effects of my kush coated bacon slices. The effects are mellow and long lasting. I’m left feeling giggly and relaxed as I slip happily into couch lock mode. Coat each side of bacon slices in decarboxylated ground Mango Kush and fry very very slowly. The bacon is sweet n’ salty. The thc infused bacon fat can be saved and used in other dishes. When I smoke Mgk the effects come on quickly and are pretty strong. I would recommend starting with a little the first time you try Mango Kush. So 5 stars for cooking and 4 stars for smoking.

Mangos and marijuana go together. The fruit is known to enhance the high for many people, and some cannabis strains are bred to evoke the fruit. The taste of Mango Kush, not surprisingly, is similar to mangos and Kush, with notes of pine. It smells of the tropics, sweet mangos, and bananas. THC c…