marijuana and gastroparesis

Does Medical Marijuana Help With Gastroparesis You Ask

A lot of marijuana doctors have said they have seen upbeat results on their patients who have tried cannabis to fix the symptoms of gastroparesis. Here in this article, you’re gonna get all the information regarding the issue in hand.

Problems inside of the tummy is not a serious disease, at a point or the other we all had it at some point in our lives. A right prohibition will take care of the upset tummy in a day. But there is another level to the disease that some will experience in their life. That specific to a just to a certain level is called gastroparesis. Having this disease will break the flow of your daily life, as you now have to carry on with your daily schedule with this painful disease on the back. Luckily there are treatments for this disease that you can try to fix the problem faster without affecting other areas of the stomach.

Many marijuana doctors even suggested using cannabis to treat gastroparesis. But will it be a good option for you? That’s exactly what we are gonna find out now. Before we get to the topic in hand which is to know if there is a way medical marijuana can be implemented to treat gastroparesis? We have to know what gastroparesis is and what are the effects that it creates in our body?

What is Gastroparesis?

It is a disorder that affects the movement of the stomach. Normally in our body, when we consume food, all the muscle contractions are capable of handling the food. When you get gastroparesis you will see a sudden blockage on this digestive tract. In gastroparesis, everything in your stomach slows down, and the functions that are necessary for the daily operation, might not even work at all. As the problem in the stomach. Won’t help you digest your food hence the pain that you will be feeling in your stomach after some time.

There are medications that people take to slow down gastric emptying. medication such as antidepressants, opioids, and other pills to take care of the pain. more studies show that taking these drugs will worsen the gastroparesis in the body, and the patients are twice as likely to get addicted to these pills to prevent the pain. Gastroparesis can create symptoms such as

*Providing a blockade on the normal digestion

*Lack of nutrition

*Creates problems with your blood sugar level.

Meanwhile, the cause of gastroparesis isn’t clear. The events that lead up in our body to create gastroparesis is weird. If a person has a diabetes complication or day after some surgery. There is no dedicated medicine that you can try to fix the problem. But many people have tried to follow plenty of available options in the market to have a better effect on the disease. Now let’s get to the main title of the article.

Does medical marijuana help with gastroparesis

The rise of legalizing marijuana has been booming a lot in recent years. So many states have given the green signal for legalized cannabis. While there are states you can get legalized cannabis at any store but in some states, you have to follow strict rules to get legalized marijuana. In these states, you have to have permission by marijuana doctors to get signed on the legal marijuana list. If that happens you will need terminal illnesses.

Many reports have shown that medical marijuana can remove the digestive complaints of the disease. That is why so many cancer patients have tried medical marijuana to relieve some of the pain. So they won’t feel any pain when they go to sleep. There are two aspects to medical marijuana, some people who smoke marijuana to help with the problems that they are facing internally, like pain that sort of thing. Meanwhile, you have another batch of medical marijuana users who smoke it for the psychotic adventure.

There are patients that you can find on various internet websites claiming they used marijuana herb to help with their digestive problem while being on other medications. These patients you will see in the videos, gaining the weight back that they had lost. Let’s just take a look at all the symptoms that you will face when you have gastroparesis, you will be feeling pain, nausea and a lot of vomiting. The researcher in February of 2015, the gastroenterology reports provided a review of medical marijuana and its healing effect on the symptoms of gastroparesis. They found that cannabinoid therapy can aid in gastroparesis’ symptoms.

They also showed a report of the medical marijuana effect on the symptoms of gastroparesis. In the gastrointestinal system, cannabinoid CB1 regulate,

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Food Intake
  • Stomach Protection and secretion
  • Help with the inflammation process
  • Maintains an adequate level of electrolyte fluid balance.
  • Sensation in the internal organ

Many marijuana doctors have said medical marijuana has a positive effect on the healthiness of our body when it goes through this disease. Taking cannabis can help you with symptoms such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Internal Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Constipation

If mentally you are feeling any pressure at all, the pressure can be from the personal life or the worries that the disease brings to your life can be dealt with cannabis. Multiple marijuana doctors have said that medical marijuana can help you with your anxiety and depression. If you are wondering about how it happened? How does medical marijuana fixes everything.

Like I said before, in medical marijuana you are gonna find two things, one is for the disease other is for the psychotic effect. In medical marijuana, you are gonna find THC and CBD cannabinoids. Which if consumed or inhaled, these components will directly interact with the body’s ECS receptors. I know that so many of you may not even be heard of the ECS receptors. If you are feeling lost, don’t worry.

ECS receptors help you with your appetites, mood, tolerance of pain and so much more in your body. While you don’t have to consume the entire batch of medical marijuana every single day to treat the disease, you have to take only a moderate amount of CBD & THC to treat your gastroparesis. Here you will also have the option to customize medical marijuana to sooth the treatment of the disease. Many marijuana doctors all over the country have said positive things about using medical marijuana to fix the symptoms of the disease.

Important Note

While it is true that you can use medical marijuana to fix the gastroparesis symptoms but picking the marijuana for the treatment can be hard, because if you choose the wrong one for your cannabis relief, then you will end up doing more damage to the disease than preventing it. Many marijuana doctors have condemned the use of many medical marijuana variants to fix the issue here. Knowing which drug is more effective against the disease than inhaling a product can be dangerous for the patient.

Let’s check the list of medical marijuana products that you can try to slow down the symptoms of gastroparesis.

  • Blueberry Diesel ( Indica-dominant hybrid)
  • Lavender (India-dominant hybrid)
  • Blue Dream (Saliva dominant hybrid)
  • Super Lemon Haze (Saliva dominant hybrid)
  • Crystal Coma (Sativa) is Good for pain, depression, and inflammation.
  • Black Mamba (Indica): Good for depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and inflammation.
  • Goo (Indica): Suitable for pain, insomnia, stress, nausea, lack of hunger and gastrointestinal disorder
  • Blueberry Nuken (Indica): Good for a gastrointestinal disorder, nausea, lack of hunger, insomnia, anxiety, and pain

Methods of Marijuana Treatment of Gastroparesis

If you take these drugs then you have more chances of fixing the symptoms of the disease. Now that we know that all the right drugs that you can try to fix the problem, let’s get to know what are the best way you can consume cannabis to your body. There are some of the best ways you can consume cannabis according to many marijuana doctors.


This the most common way people consume marijuana, if you want more of a sudden effect of the drug on your body without consuming like a regular drug, you can always inhale it for the faster reaction of the drug in your body. If you are feeling nausea, then you can use the method of inhaling medical marijuana for instant relief. All of this is good for your health, but there is another side to inhaling the medical marijuana, which is the bad effects that your body will go through.

Smoking medical marijuana, many marijuana doctors have said this would cause the drug to release harmful toxins. But if you compare it to vaping to the simple blunt of marijuana, the amount of toxic production decreases in the vaping aspect of the inhalation. For a sudden effect, you can go for the inhaling of the drug, but there are other options that you can try without getting addicted to the drug.


If inhaling seems way out of the line for you, then you can move to the medical marijuana patches, as it would release the drug directly into your bloodstream. Unlike inhaling, here you have to wait several times to feel the effect of the drug. The time you spent for the drug to flow through your vein will have extended-release treatment.,


If you are afraid of losing control of how much marijuana you should take for treatment. Because there are many signs that you might get addicted to the drug. It will be more about the psychotic feeling than treating the pain. With Tinctures, you have two milliliters of medical marijuana after each meal. Think of it like a teaspoon of sugar in a coffee or tea. A proper balance would make your tummy in control and your mind too. Even a teaspoon of medical marijuana will be capable of decreasing the rate of indigestion.


They come in different forms if inhaling, or the idea of patches doesn’t seem the right way to handle the problem to you. Then you can always go for Edibles, with edibles you can hit the problem right on the spot. Because when you consume medical marijuana, it will go straight down the tummy. Where it will make contact with the stomach, this is exactly where all the many of the symptoms of gastroparesis take place.

These are some of the ways you can consume medical marijuana to your body. Some people would find inhaling a much more favorable way to consume medical marijuana, while some will follow the route their marijuana doctors have prescribed them to. Taking the prescription is the right option because they will be qualified to make the decision for your health. Before thinking about getting medical marijuana to treat your disease, consult with your marijuana doctor beforehand.


Nothing in this world is accurate, for some people using medical marijuana might not have any effect on the disease at all. If you are planning to consume medical marijuana, there are different things that come into play that you should be aware of before jumping into the ship of treatment. Make sure to take small dosage, like the gender, age, health, and physical of your body, all come into play when you decide to take the high dose of marijuana or the low.that’s marijuana doctors play a bigger role in this transaction.

They would tell you what type of method you should use, and what is the recommended level of marijuana that you can use on your body to fix the disease. Just remember one thing don’t go excessive on the drug, always make sure that you are consuming a balanced proportion of the drug.

Final Thought

While it is absolutely true according to many marijuana doctors that using cannabis to treat gastroparesis 100% true. As medical marijuana will be capable of removing some of the symptoms of the disease. But the rules always say to consult your doctor before using it on your body. If your body gets a side effect to marijuana, then you might be spending more time in the hospital. Inhaling it would cause a lot of coughs, as your entire mouth and throat will be dried up. So make sure to use a moderate amount to fix gastroparesis. Get Started .

Does Medical Marijuana Help With Gastroparesis? Yes it does says over 85% of patients that used medical marijuana for atleast 6 months.

Joanne’s Story: Fighting Gastroparesis Symptoms with Cannabis

Joanne is a 56-year old woman who has been diagnosed with:

Gastroparesis, Hypothyroid, IBS, GERD, Acid Reflux, FM, OA & DDD. She is currently using cannabis to manager her symptoms.

She has graciously agreed to share her personal health journey with gastroparesis and medical cannabis in the hopes that you all can learn from her experiences.

We had the opportunity to interview her. This is her story:

What motivated you to try cannabis for helping your GI Disorder? (your symptoms, other meds not working, was just curious? etc.)

I started having GI disorders from constipation to mild nausea during my teenage age. One of my youngest sisters notice a lump in my neck in grade 9 high school. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and goiter. I had to travel out of town for follow ups with an endocrinologist. This was over 40 years ago.

I was prescribe different medical trials (including radiation treatments) for over 1 year to shrink the goiter with no success. I was told that my thyroid was going to be fine but needed to be control on thyroid medication therapy and report was send to my family physician. I was never followed by an endo after this. I was put on Eltroxin to control my symptoms of hyperthyroid. I was having bloodwork done once a year to track my thyroid range. However, it was always completely off from what a normal range should have been and was told it just off a bit, you will be fine.

I often felt exhausted and had a hard time focusing at school. I suffered from headaches, body pain, irregular menstrual period.

I would end up hospitalized several times in those years due to severe nausea, vomiting & stomach pain. I was unable to keep any food down during those flare ups. I continued my education with lots of road blocks due to my health. There was nothing available other than Eltroxin and Synthroid at the time. The doctors did not pay attention to my symptoms of hyperthyroid. They often told me “it cannot be that bad” and kept changing my thyroid medication dosage once a year. I graduated DSW in college and found a permanent job that same year and work for 15 years with the same company.

In my early 20’s, I had an emergency operation. My gallbladder had to be removed due to several polyps and damage. I ended up with a severe infection and was hospitalized for over 2 weeks. My thyroid was still not stabilized and my digestion was still not good.

In the year 2000, during my yearly regular thyroid bloodwork level check. I was still showing signs of hyperthyroid and my symptoms was still not better. I request to get more test done. I was sent for an ultrasound of my thyroid and several nodules were found on my left thyroid. I was refer to an endo and had a partial thyroidectomy including the removal of my goiter. I continued with my thyroid medication replacement and my thyroid medication was change to synthroid . Few months after my surgery, I was in a MVA coming home from work. I was not at fault. Due to my injuries, I was dx with FM, OA and DDD and was put on several med trials to help me cope with my physical injuries.

At this point, despite everything else that was going on, I was still battling digestion issues. I began to gain a lot of weight inexplicably, and was unable to return to work.

In 2006, again several nodules and a tumor (2.5cm) were found on my right thyroid and I had a total thyroidectomy. I had a biopsy and no cancer found but was told that my thyroid was damaged from the nodules and tumor, and that it should be removed. Scared and not sure of why several nodules were growing again on my thyroid, I took the specialist advice and had a total thyroidectomy. From there, my gastrointestinal issues got worse. I was hospitalized several times due to severe nausea, vomiting and really bad stomach pain.

During one of my hospital stays, I was diagnosed with helicobacter pylori and treated with 2 strong IV antibiotics. I went through many tests, front and back door scopes, x-rays, scans… you name it…. still no answer.

By 2014, the only food I could consume was Ensure… for an entire year. It would take me a full day to keep two ensures down. Even then, they needed to be diluted with water. I would lay in bed for hours, curled up, with severe abdominal pain. I was under supervision of a dietitian for over 1 year and my family doctor. I was in and out of the hospital to ensure I was receiving adequate hydration. I was told that the next step was a feeding tube. I was in a dark place and felt trapped in a body that I did not know how to fix.

I was put on a waiting list to see a gastroenterologist and had to wait another year to see him. I had no answer of why I could not keep anything down, why my stomach hurt so much and the non-stop severe nausea. I had lost hope in the health system. I was down to 97 pounds (had lost over 30 pounds in 1 year).

My dietitian helped me to push for more help by communicating via email with my family doctor for more investigation. I kept a journal of my food intake and every small bit of food I tried would cause severe bloating and stomach pain. I did the GES test and it was confirmed that I had gastroparesis. I had no clue what it meant other than I have damage nerves in my stomach which cause slowing food to digest to my bowels.

I started to educate myself more on the internet about GP and join a wonderful gastroparesis support group on facebook . Some of the members discuss about cannabis therapy and how much it helped ease the nausea and appetite.

I started to learned more about cannabis plant. It was all new to me and never knew how much this plant was special for healing and join other close group on cannabis and Nature’s Tranquility Healing group.

I was new to cannabis. I would lay in bed with my heating pad and read for hours, learning about the endocannabinoid system and reading many wonderful success stories with many different illnesses.

In one of my cannabis group, I was bless to connect with a wonderful soul Mom whose son who had been diagnosed with gastroparesis for over 1 yrs. He had won the battle, bowel cancer with cannabis oil therapy and has been cancer free . He was having a really hard time to keep weight on or intake any nutrients. Suffering from malnutrition and many other gastroparesis symptoms.

Despite my worries about Cannabis (considering I had been raised to believe it was a street drug) she gave me hope. I was also very fortunate to have the full support of many others, including my 2 wonderful sons and my family.

Can you tell us about your experience with getting a prescription for cannabis? Did you go through your physician or a private clinic?

I was on my laptop reaching for help and I just wanted my life back. I was not ready to die and prayed to God and my guardian angels to give me strength. I made a decision from there that I did not want any more med trials and was in a fight to beat that feeding tube. I found my voice and started my journey with cannabis.

I approached my family doctor about medicinal cannabis shortly after I had made this internal decision. He, unfortunately, wanted nothing to do with prescribing me this new therapy option and had no support from him. Another road block!

I continued my research on the internet and came across a board of patients and doctors. One of the patients was a cannabis advocate. I reached out to him via email and he was able to set me up an appointment in Toronto to see a doctor that prescribe cannabis from a clinic.

By then, it had been almost a year before I had finally been able to find someone even willing to entertain the idea of prescribing me cannabis. I self-referred myself to Lockwood Clinic to Toronto (a full 8-hour drive from home). My youngest son escorted me via airplane. I was too weak and ill to drive, especially on my own. I was there for 3 days.

Finally, I had a wonderful experience! I had doctors that listened to my symptoms. I had several different test done and was also diagnosed with hiatal hernia and again H. pylori. I was told to stop the ensure that I was now pre-diabetic due to the ensure. I was also told that it was too dangerous to operate on the hiatal hernia in my stomach and was offered a prescription for medicinal cannabis to help my symptoms. I did not even ask for a medicinal cannabis prescription, it was offer to me. I was also given antibiotic medicinal therapy for the H. pylori.

My medical team gave me the choice to go to a dispensary or register with a Licensed Producer. We did not have a dispensary in my town and my doctor felt it was better for me to register to a Licensed Practitioner because of the law and regulation changing during that year.

What type and format of medical cannabis do you use, and how was that determined?

When I first started with my medicinal cannabis, I started with an Indica strain high in THC & CBD . My Licensed Producer only had dried flowers. I was paying $4.50/ gram and was on compassion program for fix income. I finally got my first order in April, 2015. I had my follow up with my cannabis doctor every 3 months via skype , as I could not travel that far from home, for 1 year. Now I have my follow up every 6 months. I now pay $6.50/ gram on a compassion program. I take CBD & THC oil, vape flowers, do edibles and make my own cannabis-infused lotions. I take my CBD oil twice a day. Early morning and afts. I take my THC at night. I vape also during the day depending how severe my nausea is , I find vaping has a fasting effects for my severe nausea. I started to do edibles last year because I found it has a longer effect and it is more affordable on my budget. I also started to make my own cannabis lotions with THC/ CBD flowers and my ABV . It helps my OA and DDD during my flare ups.

Were you worried about side effects? Now that you have been on it, have you experienced any negative side effects?

My biggest worries in the beginning was I did not want to get high and how I was going be treated by my health team here in my town. Now that I have been on it, I only have positive side effects. The high feeling did affect me at the beginning. I have learned by trying different strain, micro dosing and finding the right dosage. It was through trial and error but was determine to not give up. I also introduce mindful/meditation in my daily schedule .My dietitian noticed a change in my physical and mental health. She did not believe in cannabis when I first started and told me it was going to slow down my digestion.

I ask her for research and proof. I give her all the information I had received from my cannabis sup-port group. We both learned together and am thankful that she did listened to my VOICE. I was able to keep my fluids down and I was able to deal with this disease better mentally and physically. My dietitian found another doctor for me in 2016 out of town. I started to make homemade beef bone broth, and homemade smoothies. My new family doctor was a good compassionate doctor and de-cided to go ahead with the Natural Desiccated Thyroid for my thyroid, he had never prescribed it but was willing to learn with me. I unfortunately loss him because he had to relocate for personally reason. I am now under a care of RPN and she is also learning about my new thyroid meds.

I was never again hospitalized overnight due to my severe nausea and vomiting in the last 3 years. With all my experience, I also have PTSD when it comes to hospital because of no one listening to my symptoms for so long and believing it was going to get better with all the meds trials.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering cannabis? Did you experience any pitfalls along the way that you would want people to avoid?

Cannabis has saved me from a feeding tube. Without my cannabis, I feel full 24/7 and severe nausea. I suggest trying cannabis for anyone that’s battling gastroparesis or any other ailments and medication trials have failed or not helped.

Keep a daily journal document of each trial strain, Effects : decrease the nausea, help manage my pain, the smell of the flower, what method did you use , appetite etc… I joined another cannabis group 10 months ago named SheCann Empowering Canadian Woman. They have an App to help you journal your cannabis intake called Strain Print (from dried flower, LP oils, edibles …) I would recommend downloading the app, it will help you to keep track of different strains you’ve tried and you can see what helps you the most and see the progress of your disease.

You can also share the journal with your doctor.

I also recently been researching more into the terpenes of the plant and found the strain high in caryophyllene and limonene has helped me ease stomach and GI tract. They also help a lot with my heartburn and ease my sore throat from acid reflux.

Also, be mindful and listen to your body. Talk to your doctor about medicinal cannabis as a treatment option. If you do not get support from your family physician, find someone that will. Never quit or stop any medication on your own without your doctor’s advice. Medications are a bandage, get to the route of your symptoms. Listen to your body and follow your “gut feeling”. Without my cannabis, I feel full 24/7 and severe nausea. It has given me a better quality of life and I am able to spend better quality time with my love ones.

I would also recommend joining support groups on Facebook or online. I have met many beautiful souls from my gastroparesis and cannabis support groups that have helped me in many ways. Knowing that I am not alone battling this disease has given me hope. We do have a close support group for gastroparesis on Facebook called : Gastroparesis Eh ! : Gastroparesis Canada. Your more welcome to join.

I am not out of the woods, it is a daily struggle to try to keep a balance nutrition when been very limited in my intake due to my slow digestion and adsorption. I can tolerate fish, sweet potatoes, local chicken and eggs on my good days. I also do take other herbal therapy (chaga tea, chaga tincture, tumeric , ginger tea, homemade tonic to help my weak immune systems). I also take vitamin D supplement to help my severe vitamin D deficiency and magnesium to maintain my muscle function.

During my flare ups, I keep myself hydrated with homemade beef bone broth and smoothies. It will be 4 years on April 8, 2015 that I started my healing journey with medicinal cannabis, and it was the best decision I ever made to help my illnesses. I was able to gain back 25 pounds and maintain it.

We are all individuals with a unique endocannabinoid system. For many of us battling with chronic pain and long-term incurable illnesses, our endocannabinoid system is not balanced. With cannabis therapy, along with diet and exercise, we can have a better quality of life. Know that you do have other options when pharmacy medication does not help. Cannabis has so much potential.

Be your own advocate and keep fighting for your rights. My hope by sharing my journey of medicinal cannabis is to help many beautiful souls hurting in silence with this awful disease, have more research and hope for a cure. Do your research, join support groups and keep USING YOUR VOICE!

Thank you everyone involved in helping me through my journey of healing and all who took the time to read my story.

Joanne has graciously agreed to share her personal health journey with gastroparesis and medical cannabis in the hopes that you all can learn from her experiences.