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Marijuana leaf logos

Show off your brand’s personality with a custom marijuana leaf logo designed just for you by a professional designer. Need ideas? We’ve collected some amazing examples of marijuana leaf logos from our global community of designers. Get inspired and start planning the perfect marijuana leaf logo design today.

This logo is designed for a business offering a full cannabis experience. This is different from the past cannabis logo I’ve designed as they wanted a Yali creature incorporated in the logo. So I researched and created a version of Yali for their logo with cannabis as its wings.


Organic Marijuana Infused coffee Beans, High Quality beans.

The global hemp alliance is a conglomerate of hemp industry companies and experts who service key specialty hemp markets.


We are a new company selling high-quality natural Hemp CBD based products. We are just starting our branding process, so are open to many ideas, but we do prefer the more vintage rustic look that gives the impression of an artisan hand-crafted product.

The goal of this contest was to find a connection between Cannabis leaf and investments in one icon. The play between the marijuana leaf and a stem forming the arrow up in negative space seemed like the perfect solution. However, CH said this doesn’t look like a marijuana leaf that arrow doesn’t represent an investment going up. Judge for yourself 🙂

Bold with that “wow” effect logo proposal for lawyers who represent cannabis businesses

Client demanded that the knight piece should be the main part of the logo so immediately I saw the negative space potential for inserting a leaf in the design. The opposing knights was the details that made me love this concept. Unfortunately the client went the other way.

CBD Company Logo

a hummingbird to represent hover which also becoming an image of a cannabis leaf at the same time.

First Nations Cannabis Retail Dispensary in Canada

Modern abstract flower logo for licensed Naturopathic Doctor who is also U.S. Air Force veteran, a certified personal trainer, master speed reader and raw food chef.

Client wanted something modern, deep, abstract and a mix of cannabis and air force. I created a angular flower design that resembles a leaf with an interpretation of the Air Force symbol integrated with a negative space central star. We both think the result is amazing 🙂

Logo with hand-drawn ornaments that have been turned into a vector-shaped marijuana leaf.

Marijuana retailer. Target audience is the mature middle to upper class families.

Bold Modern Logo with a classic feel for Rook Custom Growers, a Cannabis Producer

It was obvious that a rook chess piece is a must. I gave it a modern look with a classic touch and a negative space leaf cleverly integrated. I love the result, unfortunatelly client went in another direction.

One Sweet World

Feminized Seeds Cannabis Store Logo

A brand selling cannabis seeds legally worldwide from an ecommerce website.

Design for a marijuana dispensary in a Mohawk reserve.


Since its a DELIVERY SERVICE IN CALIFORNIA having chief products as MARIJUANA, the entire logo is created to depict the nature of business 🙂

Chronic Solutions, retail marijuana design.

Retail Marijuana Store. Sell marijuana, ediables, concentrates, paraphernalia, etc.

Concept for premium marijuana infused products

This logo combines marijuana leaves as wings and a bird icon, overall this logo depicts a bird in flight

Rockweed AG logo

Cannabis producer and cannabis dealer logo. A strong and striking logo with a stylized cannabis leaf of simple geometric lines. elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious.

Vintage design Big Bear Smoke Shop

Logo for marijuana shop, no feedback from start contest to the end

New Cannabis Software Brand

A negative space logo design. It is a Marijuana!

med and mleko logo

med & mleko = honey & milk cannabis leaf with drop and the honeycomb.

logo design contest winner

shop for Entrepreneurs looking to start their own business in the Hemp-Derived CBD industry. to appear as a digital agency. Something modern & high-tech.

A neo-vintage logo design

Wanted to create a neo-vintage logo for a special hemp product company that is a female-run business. The old school hand and gentle touch give the logo light and emotional feeling to it.

Minimalist & clean logo for Puff Puff

Puff Puff is a marijuana merchandise company. So I make the logo based on a marijuana leaf, then I cut it halfway to form letter “P” as the initial of the company’s name.

We sale and grow CBD medical Marijuana. And grow also clones. green lifestyle, for young people in the Swiss mountains.

design for HERB ANGEL

Name to incorporate in the logo Herb Angel Description of the organization and its target audience Medical Cannabis delivery service. Industry Medical & Pharmaceutical

AF! Apparel Logo

AF! Apparel Logo with weed leaf.

design for WEEDWISE

Name to incorporate in the logo Weed-Wise Description of the organization and its target audience Weedwise is the new media organization that brings together stakeholders from across the Cannabis ecosystem to explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding Cannabis consumption in Alberta, Canada. With an increasingly permissive attitude toward Cannabis use in certain jurisdictions across Canada and the new Liberal Government’s pledge to legalize Marijuana Canada-wide in 2017, there has never been a better time to begin the conversation around responsible Marijuana Practice. Alberta has an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of the learnings from other Geographies and create a communications platform for sowing the seeds of safe Marijuana use. With greater access for Cannabis products in our province a certain trend, it is imperative that information and advocacy become a keystone component of Alberta’s Marijuana Strategy. Industry Education

Medical marijuana logo design

Logo branding design for medical marijuana cannabis online store.

Create a logo for upcoming Oregon cannabis business

Get inspired by these amazing marijuana leaf logos created by professional designers. Get ideas and start planning your perfect marijuana leaf logo today!