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Stoners Guide to Halloweed Pumpkin Carving

Just 15 days until Halloweed!! Who’s excited?? Or better yet, who’s ready to carve a pumpkin. Or maybe even smoke it? Yeah…here’s everything you need, from stoney pumpkin carving stencils to my favorite instructional video on how to make a pumpkin bong and tips on keeping that carved pumpkin fresh until Oct. 31st.

So before you do anything your going to need a pumpkin. Once you got one I’d smoke it before I carve it, you know two birds one stone! And for all you visual learners like me, here’s the best pumpkin bong how to video out there from the Smoke Cartel:

That was fun! OK now you got all the hard stuff done, like gutting the pumpkin so lets carve! I don’t know about you but I’m no artist and so the easiest way to carve a dope pumpkin is with a stencil. Here’s the one I used last year:

Just right click view image, print it out, cut it out and trace the image on your pumpkin with a pen or marker. Then you know the rest, carve it out!

Here’s a stencil I’m thinking of using this year:

Same instructions as with the cannabis leaf. Then I have a few inspirational ones I found online like this 420 pumpkin:

Which looks pretty simple to just free hand being lettering and all! Then I have the challenging one where your going to need to have some real pumpkin carving skills that I don’t have and sure as hell can’t teach you:

Wish I knew who did it so I could give them credit..but this is one of those over shared images so the original source is anyone’s guess. But it sure is a dope pumpkin carving job!

Then once you smoke it and carved it and are ready to set it out to rot. Here’s a few tips on keeping it fresher longer:

  1. Rinse out the pumpkin in water to get rid of any gunk.
  2. Fill a tub or large bucket with 3 gallons of water.
  3. Add 3 teaspoons of Clorox (bleach) to the water.
  4. Dunk your pumpkin is this mix.
  5. Then just let your pumpkin air dry.

This should extend it’s liveliness by a week or so! With that said I hope you all have a killer Halloweed and I’d love to see your pumpkin carvings, slide in my DM @smokette_ on Instagram or Twitter!

Just 15 days until Halloweed!! Who’s excited?? Or better yet, who’s ready to carve a pumpkin!?!? Or maybe even smoke it? Yeah…here’s everything you need, from

420 Friendly Pumpkin Carving Ideas + Pumpkin Bong = Halloween Weed Fun!

There are few more festive ways to get your creative juices flowing than carving pumpkins for Halloween weed fun. If you don’t already have plans to gather with friends, sip on apple cider (perhaps spiked with cannabis tincture…just a suggestion), and carve pumpkins then let this post be inspiration to get it on the calendar.

Not sure what to carve into your pumpkin this year? There’s inspiration to be found everywhere, including cannabis! We’ve gathered some fun 420-friendly pumpkin ideas from Pinterest to try this year. We think any cannabis enthusiast will find something to love. And before you ask, yes, there is even a pumpkin bong! You can always leave it to our team at The Spot 420 to make any holiday all about cannabis.

Keep it lit and keep it fun this Halloween. If you need to spark creativity by sparking a joint, stop by The Spot 420 in Pueblo, CO or our recreational dispensary in Trinidad, CO . We’ve got a spookily large selection of cannabis products to choose from, from Colorado’s best edibles to the most potent concentrates. We’ll get you and your friends stocked up with enough cannabis to keep you creatively carving all night long.

Halloween Weed Related Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Keep it Simple With Giant Cannabis Leaf

Subtlety is dead, so why try to resurrect it on Halloween? Go big with a giant, beautiful cannabis leaf that will look very cool on your porch lit up with a tea light. You’re going to the coolest neighbor on the block.

To make this easy on yourself, print out a large template of a marijuana leaf that you can use to guide your cuts. You could print out a few smaller ones as well to add embellishments around the large leaf.

Elevate the Classic Jack-o-Lantern

There’s a reason the classic Jack-O-Lantern design has remained popular for so long. There is something very fun and nostalgic about these creepy pumpkin faces and we just can’t seem to get enough. But we’re not here to advocate for the pumpkin status quo. Keep the traditional triangle nose and creepy smile, but elevate that regular ol’ Jack-O-Lantern by adding some cannabis leaf eyes!

Just like suggestion number one, you can print out a template for the cannabis leaf eyes that will help you carve the shape correctly. You can also always use a pencil to lightly draw an outline.

Give Your Pumpkin a Joint

If everyone carving pumpkins with you is going to be partaking in cannabis, it’s only fair to give your pumpkin a joint too. To be clear, you don’t actually have to waste any real cannabis on this pumpkin idea, all you will need is the cardboard tube from a paper towel roll and a cheap set of paint with white, gray, and orange.

Make the face of your pumpkin however you feel appropriate, just make sure the mouth is wide enough to fit the paper towel roll in. To make the faux joint, paint the tube white, let it dry, and then twist the bottom end that will be going in the mouth of the pumpkin (this should make it look like a cone). Stuff the tube with paper towels. Paint the tip of the joint gray and then orange on the very end to make it look like it’s lit.

Make Your Pumpkin into a Bong

Admittedly, this is by far the best pumpkin carving idea on this list. Not only is it festive and cute, it’s practical and ends with you getting to smoke that great flower you picked up from our recreational dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado or our dispensary in Trinidad, CO . Let’s walk through all the steps to make this a functional pumpkin bong.

  1. Start by cutting around the stem on the top and cleaning out the pumpkin guts inside.
  2. Take the downstem out of your traditional glass bong. Then, choose where you would like to place the downstem (a third of the way down from the pumpkin stem is a good rule of thumb).
  3. Trace around the bottom of the downstem with a permanent marker or pencil.
  4. Cut the hole for the downstem with a sharp, small paring knife. You will want this hole to be the right size to keep the downstem perfectly snug without air getting out.
  5. Then, rotate the pumpkin to the other side and choose a place to carve the mouthpiece. This hole doesn’t have to be as precise and you can add a little carb on the side if you want, though this isn’t required.
  6. Add just a small amount of water to the inside of the pumpkin to help keep the smoke a milky for a smoother hit.
  7. Pack that bowl with the cannabis flower you bought from The Spot 420’s Pueblo, CO dispensary or their Trinidad dispensary and enjoy!

Halloween Specials at The Spot 420 in Pueblo & Trinidad, Colorado

At The Spot 420, we are firm believers that you don’t need a holiday to offer discounts. You can come to us anytime and receive daily specials, including daily discounts on concentrates. Stop into our marijuana dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado or our Trinidad recreational dispensary any day leading up to Halloween and we’ll have a deal ready for you. Enjoy your Halloween weed extravaganza.

A few more festive ways to get your creative juices flowing than carving pumpkins for Halloween weed fun. Check out 420 pumpkin carving, pumpkin bong…