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five reasons you need hemp oil in your life & answers to FAQs

When you’re around something for a while, whether it’s a smell, an environment, something you created or wrote, it’s easy to not appreciate or notice it any longer. Sometimes I’ll go back and read a post I wrote years ago, that I have completely forgotten about and it makes me laugh and I can see my blog in a fresh way. It’s a reminder. Oh yeah, this is why I like doing this every day.

I recently saw a piece someone finished in Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil, a product I have used, promoted, and sold for over six years now. The piece was an old wooden trunk and it was so beautiful and rich. It almost glowed. Oh yeah, that is why I love hemp oil so much.

It’s not that I’ve stopped using, but I may have stopped appreciating it for how amazing and versatile and simple it is. It made me remember all of the things I’ve done with Hemp Oil over the years and, in case you’ve also lost appreciation for it or you’ve never been introduced to our “liquid gold”, well, let me tell you why you need Hemp Oil in your life and answer a few frequently asked questions…

It’s natural and food-safe…

I am a paint enthusiast and that includes finishes and, I can tell you, there are not many finishes out there that are natural and food safe. Hemp oil is, though. You can use it on cutting boards and cooking utensils and butcher block counter tops. You can use it indoors and around your kids and your pets. One woman sent me an e-mail sharing that her dog, who eats everything, drank an entire Solo cup full of our hemp oil. While, I wouldn’t suggest allowing that intentionally, the dog was completely fine.

It’s not stinky or sticky or fume-y or difficult to clean up spilled. It’s okay if it touches your skin or splatters in your hair. In short, it’s a product you can feel good about having and using in your home.

Hemp Oil restores tired, dried out wood…

Like magic. Like a boss. Like that is its job.

I would say that almost every time I wipe Hemp Oil onto an old, dried out piece of wood, I audibly “Oooo” over it. It works best on pieces that have an old finish that has mostly worn off, but it can be used over pieces with an intact finish that looks dry or has water damage.

Hemp Oil easily finishes painted surfaces, bringing out the richness of the paint color

This is why we initially added it to the line. It’s an easy-to-apply alternative to a wax finish. I love how it brings out the richness of colors, especially the darker, more saturated ones, like Typewriter, Tricycle, and Outback Petticoat. It adds a finish that’s not matte, but it’s not shiny, either. It looks soft and natural for an old piece of furniture.

Hemp Oil can clean-up, hydrate, and polish leather

I use Hemp Oil regularly on my leather boots to keep the hydrated and looking nice. The leather always looks darker when it’s first applied, but it returns to the natural color once it’s dry. It could really be used on any kind of natural leather from shoes to purses to sofas to saddles.

Hemp Oil brings back the luster in old metal and cast iron

I have bought so many old metal and cast iron pieces over the years and we would always give them a rub with some hemp oil to clean them up and bring back the luster and shine. It works every single time. Like a charm.

You can use it on old garden tools, cast iron pans, metal furniture hardware, typewriters, fans, and the list can go on.

A few answers to FAQ’s about Hemp Oil…

How do I apply it?

You can apply it with a natural bristle brush or a lint-free cloth. I prefer using a microfiber cloth. Make sure you wipe off the excess oil that isn’t absorbed into the surface. It will just sit on top and get sticky and tacky.

How long does it take to dry?

It is dry almost immediately after application and removing the excess oil. It might leach out oil for a few days, though, so oil can wipe off on fabric and paper during that time. The oil will be fully cured after 30 days.

How is it different from Hemp Oil from a health food store?

Those hemp oils are processed for maximum nutrition whereas ours is processed to be used for wood finishing. While they are both natural hemp oil, they are different enough that you wouldn’t want to use ours for health/food purposes or another brand for wood finishing.

How often does it have to be reapplied?

It depends on the piece as well as the humidity of your climate. If you live in an arid place, you might need to apply it more often (a couple of times a year) and if your region is more humid, it might only need reapplication every decade. I keep a small bottle on hand in the cabinet with my cleaners, so I can touch up any pieces as they need it.

Can I apply a new finish over Hemp Oil?

Yes, you can apply wax directly over Hemp Oil. In fact, using the two together provides great durability and a beautiful finish. (You can only put wax over Hemp Oil, though, not the other way around.) If you want to put a poly finish, like Tough Coat, over Hemp Oil or apply paint over it, I would suggest letting it cure for 30 days and then give it a light sanding prior. If you apply a new finish over the oil when it’s still oily, the new finish may not adhere properly.

Can I use Hemp Oil to finish my wood floors?

It depends on the wood floor. It seems to do best on old, soft wood floors, like heart pine. It doesn’t seem to provide enough of a seal on harder wood floors, like oak. With any finish applied to a floor, I would suggest applying it to a small area to see if you like it.

While I love Milk Paint and all of the other finishes and products in our line, this is the one I wouldn’t ever want to be without.

If you haven’t tried our Hemp Oil, you can find a local retailer near you HERE, an online retailer HERE, or you can buy it from Amazon HERE.

five reasons you need hemp oil in your life & answers to FAQs When you’re around something for a while, whether it’s a smell, an environment, something you created or wrote, it’s easy to not