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Michael Jackson – countless attempts to make appearance perfect

Date of birth: August 29, 1958

Date of death: June 25, 2009 (aged 50)

Height: 5′ 9″ (175 cm)

Weight: 136 pounds (62 kg)

Michael Jackson body measurements:

Chest: 40″ (102 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

The world-famous pop singer Michael Jackson underwent dozens of plastic surgeries of the face. It was the legendary plastic surgery patients and should now he was 56 years old.

With the growth of 175 cm his minimal weight was 48 kg. Weight loss greatly sharpened facial features. Plus, numerous plastic surgeries on nose and a substantial make-up – and, gradually, Michael Jackson got that strange sickly appearance which he had for last years of his life.

In 1993, Jackson agreed to the pills that helped him to cope with stress which was caused by the charges against him of child molestation. A few months after the charges, as stated in the news, Jackson had lost approximately 4,5 kg of weight and stopped eating.

In 1993, Michael said that he had much less plastic than people think. The singer said he never did anything with neither cheekbones nor eyes or the lips. And on the appearance as a whole, he said, that he was trying not to look in the mirror, as he was always dissatisfied with what he saw.

Interestingly, when significant weight loss strongly outlined the cheekbones, it did not sunken eye sockets. The natural origin of this effect is unclear.

The dimple on the chin which appeared some time after, was caused by indrawing of tissues formed by a seam. Besides, Michael’s chin became broader and square. This could be achieved only by the implant.

Did not start he to reduce the size of his nose, many terrible consequences could be avoided.

But the fact remains the same, the results of his risky operations are: significant weight loss (Pop King lost 10 kilograms), frequent dizziness, stress, gastrointestinal inflammation due to frequent reception of various drugs.

In 2009, the year of Michael’s death, he frequently appeared in the mask. If not – all the same very thin face with sunken cheeks and a strange nose.

Post-mortem examination revealed that Michael Jackson was perfectly healthy man for his fifty years. His weight remained acceptable for a man of his height, there was not a life-threatening lung defect and a small arthritis. The most serious health problem was chronic inflammation of the lungs, but it could not be the cause of his death.

Michael Jackson wanted to be ideal not even understanding that one can’t combine all the separate ideal features on one face. Not everyone is able to perceive integratively what can happen as a result of numerous plastic interventions.

Jackson fell into this trap, unable to relate to one another. How can you look when you have sewn dome cartilage and your nose is like a blade, and your face is propped by wide chin with a dimple, which is take from quite other hero …

The world-famous pop singer Michael Jackson did countless attempts to make his appearance perfect. Read on to find his height, weight and body measurements ]]>