mother fucker weed strain

Bad Mother Fucker Strain (AAAAA)

Type: Cannabis
Info: THC 30%, Indica
Tags: Pre-Roll , Hash, Vapes

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Bad Mother Fucker Strain (BMF) is a new weed on the market. This is the cross between Cherry Punch and Cookies. Bad Mother Fucker weed is a very heavy and potent Indica flower with THC level — 30%.

You will enjoy the pleasant Berry taste and lightness in the head after a few puffs. This is a tool that will allow you to relax the body, relieve headaches and muscle cramps. You can also feel a slight effect of euphoria and increased strength. Many people use Bad Mother Fucker (BMF) to keep away from everyday stress and feel better. A small amount of weed will allow you to improve the condition of the body, get a sedative effect and sleep well.

This is the best weed for those who suffer from insomnia. Carefully determine your dosage before use and do not plan an activity for the next three hours. It is an excellent evening weed that will allow you to relax solo or with friends. Pleasant berry taste with notes of cookies can let you have a good time. Bad Mother Fucker (BMF) strain was created recently but has already been loved by many users. Such popularity came to the product precisely because mixes are always welcomed in the market. THC 30% guarantees you incredible euphoria and feelings of elevation. You will get all the necessary effects and can soar in the clouds while being on the couch.

Why People Really Buy Bad Mother Fucker Strain?

Relax and enjoy every moment, because this is the moment of your benefit. Light strawberry notes and a sweet aftertaste guarantee you a pleasant relaxation. But do not overdo it because the name of the weed will fully correspond to your physical sensation in case of an overdose. With the right dosage, you will relieve stress, muscle cramps, depression, and joint pain. Enjoy a fruity sweet aroma and get your dose of euphoria. Do not forget that in our store you will find a 100% original product that meets all the declared characteristics and will allow you to experience the greatest relaxation of all time.

Strain attributes:
Flavors: Cherry and Cookies.
Helps with: Insomnia, Depression, Headache, Stress, and Nausea, has strong analgesic properties.
Effects: Relaxing, Stress-relief, Anti-anxiety, Sedative, Pain relief.

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