motorbreath strain

Motorbreath strain

it feels more like a sativa to me but its still good

Pretty damn awesome! I am a seasoned smoker and this stuff totally knocked me on my ass. Absolutely perfect for bedtime, just a nice, drifting off feeling, then 😴

This allbud review is 100% accurate. I would describe motorbreath exactly the same way as this allbud review.

I have tried hundreds of different strains, and I honestly have to say that motorbreath is my favorite. I’ve always preferred indica, or indica dominant hybrids, so I’m always searching for something new. The 1st batch I tried was a 32% flower, and I fell in love instantly. I have had some difficulty at times, really feeling much of anything for long because of my high tolerance, so something like this is definitely not for casual smokers.

Deff not meant for beginners as I am a seasoned smoker and still got knocked on my ass. I will be honest I have anxiety and when this strain first hit , it was like I couldn’t think nor remember anything which sent me into a panic attack at first. Major derealization then after about 45 min I was able to calm down to a nice relaxing sleeping couch lock state. This strain is deff a strong one and will knock you on your but upon first trying it. Some other maybe will get a diff effect but for those who have anxiety head my warning. It’s deff heaven after the first onset on wondering who you are and where you are and why am I thinking like this stage. Currently on it as I’m writing the review.

Motorbreath, also known as “Motorbreath #2,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Chem D X SFV OG Kush strains. This bud is infamous for its insanely potent diesel flavor that's accented by sharp citrus and earth upon exhale. The aroma is just as heavy, with …