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Well i give up. ive searched and searched and its very hard to find any decent reviews on nirvana’s New York Power Diesel or ” NYPD “.

this is what i know so far
NYPD is Eldorado x Aurora Indica.
Eldorado was formerly known as sativa mexicana and is a tall, lanky, and airy sativa plant. it is known for its extremely sharp and crisp high, very up – like even for a sativa. it is a landrace strain, from Oaxaca Mexico, backcrossed for many generations. a very unique and legendary strain, it produces only a small yeild of airy buds, but, it is unlike any other strain and is a powerful sativa.

Aurora Indica is a hybrid of Northen Lights and Afghan. It is nearly 100% Indica, staying short and dense while growing. Nirvana says its probably their most potent indica. I have seen many grow journals myself of people growing this strain, and never are they dissapointed. it is a very heavy yeilder of thick resin coated buds.
it gives a powerful indica stone that one would expect. also very easy to grow almost anywhere.

knowing that about those two strains helps us understand the background of NYPD.
Nirvana has a description on there nirvana shop website of NYPD:
“A sensational and radical new marijuana mix, New York Power Diesel is an F1 hybrid of our popular Sativa Mexicana seeds and a specially stabilised Aurora Indica. The latter’s heavy, greasy narcotic buzz beautifully takes the edge off the crispness and speedy effect of the former. NYPD’s shockingly powerful terpenoids result in a marijuana with a lemony flavour and the diesel-like aroma that inspired its name. Its plants grow tall stems with a surprisingly tight bud structure. The amount of dry marijuana these seeds produce is not overwhelming, but definitely still worthwhile.”

from what i understand its a modest yeilder of very very strong smelling/tasting buds, that have a powerful mixed high.

id love to hear anyone’s reviews on the strain that has tried it!!
feel free to post pics and give info
thx – skunk

Well i give up… ive searched and searched and its very hard to find any decent reviews on nirvana's New York Power Diesel or " NYPD ". this is what i… ]]>