nypd strain

New York Power Diesel

Sativa 70 / Indica 30
Origins: Aurora Indica x Eldorado
Flowering: 65 days

The New York Power Diesel (NYPD) is an indoor power strain with a radical mix of Sativa Mexicana father and Afghan/Dutch indica mama. The Nirvana addition to the diesel family stays close to the New York variant. NYPD is an F1 hybrid that is balanced but sativa-dominant, with potential for gardeners and home breeders. Its mother plant, the Aurora Indica is a combination of Northern Lights and an Afghan strain that was stabilized especially for use in this cross. The heavy, greasy narcotic effects of the Aurora Indica beautifully cut the edge of the crispy, speedy Oaxacan sativa father known as Eldorado. The resulting terpenoids have a powerful diesel aroma with a lemon-edged fuel flavor.

NYPD grows tall because the sativa influence creates moderate spacing in the internodes and long stems. The branches are lanky but sturdy and are neither spare nor profuse, allowing the grower to decide which direction to take the gardening setup. Soil and organic maximize the aromas, but these plants are pretty dank and smelly in the grow space regardless. The dark green calyxes form chains of big popcorn buds that are surprisingly tight in structure. Hairs turn red toward maturity. NYPD yields are good – in a sea of green with 600-watt lights, gardeners can expect between 350 and 450 grams per square meter.

The New York Power Diesel is a blissful, balanced, and relaxing buzz that makes great campfire joints. It is a treat to smoke, starting with a clear, enjoyable transition and bringing a mixture of earthiness and lemon zing, over a recognizable deep note of diesel acridity. This buzz brings out a sense of calm, wonder, and sensory awareness. It can enhance discernment and pleasures. NYPD makes one notice the subtle flavors of foods, the enjoyment of the smells, sights, and sounds of the outdoors, and has potential as an aphrodisiac.

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2 comments to New York Power Diesel Marijuana Strain

First i would make sure that your light cycles are right. Check your timers to make sure they are turning on and off properly. I’ve had plants going back into veg simply because I didn’t notice one single nub on my timer was in the wrong position.

Other than that, I would remember that this plant doesn’t really grow massive buds. Try Cotton Candy if you want monster buds. Growing big ones tends to lower THC production too, unless you lollypop your plant.

Which would be my last suggestion. Cut off all the small shit on the bottom and only work buds on the main branches. Only the branches you want your main 10-12 buds to grow on should have any foliage. Take care when lollipopping your plant to do so over a week or two’s time, as it can put the plant into shock if you clip too much, and do so in veg if at all possible so you don’t mess with bud/THC production.

New York Power Diesel – hybrid cannabis sativa marijuana weed strain. Strain description, growing tips, and where to buy seeds.