ona gel home depot

Ona gel home depot

I bought a gallon, and that stuff is pretty strong, I’d say too strong. I also put a cup in my living room/kitchen. Then I started thinking, that Ona Gel is not availalbe everywhere, wal-mart, target, home depot or whatever (as far as I know). If for some reason mainteance person were to be here, or even police if music is too loud, and they recognize that smell of OnaGel from different grows that they might have busted, or if they’re suprised as to why does it smell so strong, would that give them any hints, or am I being paranoid? for now I got rid of it everywhere and just have regular glade scents and left the gallon in the actual grow area.

the smell is so strong I don’t even like it, I tried to remove the top when I first got it and couldn’t so just drilled some holes at the top and it’s still very strong.

dude how many plants you have

cause you only need a lil bit if you only got a couple plants

i had a few of the small ones for my grow. it got to stinky though and i bought a carbon filter

ive got the big ona block, it works wonders in my basement
i like the smell..
i use to smell the downstairs flowerroom all the way upstairs, but now i cant smell em at all

edit- no carbon scrubber here, but also i have no neighbors so its all good

I wouldn’t sweat it. There are a whole lot of people with some funky smelling shit in their homes. I’m sure a lot of these people use Ona Gel too. Plus, I doubt that anyone but the most experienced DEA agents would associate the smell of Ona with mj grows. Household deodorizers are a big$$$$ industry, not because of mj, but because of pets. I wouldn’t worry about the smell of Ona attracting any “unwanted” visitors. It sucks that you don’t like the smell though. I just bought a blower, can filter, and flange for $160, and you can’t smell anything two inches from my growroom door. (I have 16 plants at day 50 of flower)The filters sold in hydro shops may be a bit overpriced, but damn do they work good! I feel as though mine was worth every penny. Would you pay $160 to completely ease your mind of odor issues?? I would. and I did.

Hope this helps.

DISCLAIMER– I am still in the middle of my first grow, so take any advice I give you with a grain of salt. However, I would not have given you the advice, had I not gotten it myself from experienced growers on this forum and others, and tried it myself. I do not comment on things I haven’t done yet. That would be what they call BULLSHIT, and I don’t do that. Thank You

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