orange dream strain

Orange dream strain

I had a pretty good experience with it and it smells/tastes good too. I just wanted to balance out the other bad reviews since I actually had a good experience. It’s a real good hybrid in my opinion. You’re not couch-locked, but it’s still perfect for chilling.

Eh, I didn’t get much out of it. I had a mild head buzz with no bells and whistles. That’s not to say it isn’t the perfect medicine for others. What’s good for the goose is often not the same for the gander. I did love the flavor and the aroma it left behind. It matched the summery weather for sure. Overall, I’ll stick with the stronger full head and body buzz I get from GG #4.

Like its fellow Orange cousins, this sativa-dominant hybrid has a distinct orange flavor and aroma, with sweet hints of lemon. It's a crossbreed of Orange Crush and Blue Dream, both very popular strains in their own rights. The THC levels in this strain are relatively high, hitting 18% in some te… ]]>