orange fire strain

Any Heard Of The Strain Orange Fire Or Is There Even This Strain

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Does it really matter. I have seen literally 1,000s of strain names. I have seen. Gorilla Green, Stinky socks, Gene Simmons, and even one called Big Penis. names mean less than nothing. Especially when a dealer can call his product anything he wants.

What matters is genetics. sativa, indica, hybrid, photoperiod, auto etc. No way you ever know 100% certain what the genetics of any bag seed are unless you were the original breeder or got the seed directly from the original breeder.

So, bottom line. grow your plant, and call it what ever you like. hell, you can call it Chuckie’s Strain. Because the final product will only be as good as the knowledge and work Chuckie put into it.

My uncle gave Mr some bag seeds from some really good bud and he said not was called orange fire I looked it up and only strain I could find is fire og was… ]]>