organic hemp blunt wraps

Hemp Wraps

If you are a health conscious cannabis consumer, hemp wraps is the most natural way to roll, so check out classic brands like the High Hemp Wraps and Juicy Hemp Wraps.

ORGANIC HEMP WRAPS – Additive Free Natural Rolling

What’s the difference between standard blunt wraps and hemp blunt wraps? Blunt wraps generally contain nicotine which is highly addictive and unhealthy, so many smokers are swapping out wraps for an all natural alternative: hemp. Most hemp wraps still burn smooth and slow just how you want, but without any of the toxic or artificial chemicals found in blunt wraps.


We carry the best hemp wraps available, including the world’s most popular rolling wraps and papers by Raw, which are all natural and made with no preservatives or additives. Our High Hemp Organic Wraps are another great choice as they are additive free, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Tobacco-Free. If you want to add a fun flavor, but are still you are looking for an all natural smoking experience, be sure to try our High Hemp Wraps, Juicy Jays Wraps or XXL Blunt hemp wraps in flavors like mango, honey, fruit punch and more.


If you are new to rolling or are just looking for a convenient way to smoke, check out our pre rolls or cones , like these Raw pre rolls . These are papers you simply fill with your favorite herb and light up in no time. I f you’d prefer to try your hand at rolling first, we also have the RAW rolling machine, rolling trays , rolling papers and other rolling accessories to get you started and at $4.20 each.

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