other word for weed

Other word for weed

He bought groceries of a hardware dealer named Davidson, at Albany, that town whence came Mr. Weed’s clerk.

To pluck a weed from the roadside and present it to one’s sovereign would be no better than an insult.

Well, said I, but pull it for me; there are sometimes beautiful colours in a weed.

If we must serve our time at weeding, let us at least weed intelligently.

Or perhaps Spot would stop and reach for a bunch of Commonwealth weed.

I thought you’d get wool-gathering over some weed or another, and maybe I’d overtake you.

From deck it minded me of that sea of weed we met in the first passage.

I have since learned that the buffaloes and cattle with a strain of the buffalo blood never eat this weed.

It occasionally occurs in this country as a weed, and is a rather striking plant with bright blue flowers.

But all these forces have been vanquished, and this one weed is the conqueror.

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