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*SPOILERS* Guide to One Shotting any Superboss – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Hey everyone, Foxx here back with another guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 2! This time I’m going to be discussing another build that makes the Superbosses look laughably weak. Yes, this build is even better than the last one I made- a LOT better in fact and a majority of it is thanks to Poppi QTPie. With that said lets get into it!

Part 1: Overview

First let me say that this build requires a lot of Tiger Tiger and trust grinding. It’s a late game thing! It’s really only for those who want to just become really op and do dps tests and all that. I’m that kinda guy so its why I did it! Anyway, this build and such will be focusing on one shotting anything with only 1 light orb in a chain attack and reaching max damage. Sounds farfetched but nope it is indeed possible.

Part 2: What’s Needed?

To start, I should explain what Party and Blade set ups you’re going to be using. The party is going to be:

*Note you can substitute Nia for Zeke, but my personal Zeke is a lot more dps heavy than Nia hence why KOSMOS is on him*

The blades you’ll be using are Mythra, Poppi QTPie, and KOSMOS. You’re going to start off by wanting these blades fully maxed trust to S+. For those who don’t know, complete their affinity charts to reach rank S, then feed them a ton of food to reach S+. What this does is allow you to maximize damage. After that, get to farmin’! I’m going to list off what you need in terms of Accessories, AUXs, Chips, Pouch Items, and most importantly, How to build Poppi QTPie. This is a majority of the guide so here we go!

Equip all of your characters with these two accessories. Burst Symbol and Optical Headband.

Burst Symbol – Increases Chain Attack Damage Ratio (Obtainable from Nant Buloofos in Tantal, Little Banerro Ruins)

Optical Headband – Increases crit damage by 50% (Obtainable from farming lvl 70 Bunnits in Gormott, NW of Zeno’s Deadbole)

Mythra unfortunately only has two slots but that’s alright. Equip her with Affinity Max Attack V and Special Lvl 1 Plus.

For KOSMOS, equip the same 2 as Mythra with the addition of Outdoor Attack Up V.

Affinity Max Attack V – Drops from Beast Hunter William in Uraya.

Outdoor Attack Up V – Dropped from Squids in Tantal during Cloudy Weather

Special Lvl 1 Plus – I don’t know where these drop honestly, I had 2 from just farming late game enemies and uniques so yeah.

You’re going to want to equip KOSMOS and Poppi QTPie with Tachyon chips. Equip Mythra with a Moon Matter Chip

Tachyon Chips – Dropped from Lvl 130 Superboss. He’s easy, as long as you can his one shot moves with incivibility frames by using chain attacks, finishing blade combos, or using lvl 4 specials.

Moon Matter Chip – Dropped from Cloud King Lvl 110 Superboss in Tantal. He’s easy.

The usual! Use Narcipear Jellys and Plumber Escape games on all of them. Narcipear sold in Argentum, Plumber sold in Mor Ardain.

#5 Building Poppi QTPie

Okayyyyyyy so here we get into the real grind! Copy this exact setup I have on Poppi QTPie. My only real advice here is to farm Crystals by grinding level 1 of Tiger Tiger on easy mode. Easy mode doesn’t affect loot so you’re good there. Each run, assuming you get all chests and all crystals on the map, should net you 1.7k-2.4k.

Farm crystals until you have everything as follows aside from the Light Core. The light core can only be obtained from getting the Big Chest on stage 5 as a super rare drop. You don’t need this core per se, but it helps a LOT. If you’re gonna go for it, be warned it takes a lot of patience as it is RNG.

The reason I say it helps a lot is because you’re going to risk dying a lot otherwise. What do I mean? Well, if you have a light core on Poppi you can control Tora, the only one with sufficient self healing, and get a light orb insanely fast. Otherwise, you’ll have to control Rex as the AI is insanely bad at using Light and getting blade combos, and you’ll risk taking the aggro as Rex and dying.

Part 3: Onto Battle

(sorry for quality, I took a SS just to test it myself)

Honestly after you get all of your grinding done, the rest is history. If you got a light core, play as tora and just spam arts till you get a light orb, then chain attack. If you don’t have a light core, play as Rex and let Tora take the aggro before doing anything. Use Anchor Shot and try to minimize aggro whilst getting a light orb. Once you have one, chain attack.

All you have to do is just use Mythra/Poppi QTPie/Kosmos and watch the dps roll out. You’ll know if you’re doing it right if

1. You reach max damage (duh)

2. Poppi QTPie should be doing 300k-400k damage with her first special. 780k-900k with her second.

3. KOSMOS should be doing 600k-800k her first special and 900k+ her second.

All dependent on crits and stuff of course but yea! That’s what I usually roll :blush:

Welp that’s it, thanks for reading! Let me know if you’re going to try this out :eyes:

Hey everyone, Foxx here back with another guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 2! This time I'm going to b