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Indoor Growing vs Outdoor Growing

Indoor growing vs outdoor growing is no contest. Indoor growing systems have many quality advantages and are more efficient. The grow light setups moved with LightRail light movers make all the difference for boosting that grow light system efficiency.

Plenty of people line up on one side or the other when it comes to indoor growing equipment vs outdoor grow equipment. So, here is how we used to think. We used to think of outdoor growing as the first choice. That’s because that was more natural and isn’t natural always good? The short answer is, well no. Outdoor growing can be inefficient, vulnerable and it makes quality control difficult. And, it simply doesn’t work for everyone in a very effective way.

Even growers in the utopia regions such as California have their ongoing challenges. California had been dealing with a recent and extreme prolonged drought. So for them, it’s been bad and they know droughts are reoccurring. And, the majority of land on the planet is challenged in very serious ways. Those grow equipment challenges include water shortages, short growing seasons and poor soil. Our takeaway? Nature is a beast.

For some, outdoors works and their location dictates some of those details. Still, there are negatives to address. Here is an article from LED Grow Lights 101 that covers the bullet points of this. But, the biggest obstacle to indoors, duplicating natural sunlight, can be overcome by supercharging our indoor grow lights on grow light movers.

Indoor growing systems have the advantages of efficiency, security of outcome and quality control

Now here’s the good news. It is our nature to improve on nature. In other words, we come in out of the rain, we learn as we go and we perfect what we do. So, no matter the outdoor location, indoor growing with indoor grow systems have these advantages. They include indoor growing system efficiency, security of outcome and quality control of the indoor grow system. Also, only 1/10 th the water is needed with an indoor hydro grow kit and only about 1/10 th the space is needed for an indoor growing system. And, the greenhouse is part of that indoor garden column in that it can have that same control of environment.

365 days a year of crop rotation with indoor growing systems make for much faster grow equipment results

And, it has the ability to have tightly rotated indoor grow system crops throughout the year. Those 365 days a year of crop rotation with indoor growing systems make for much faster grow equipment results. And, we see significant yield increases from our grow equipment when it’s an indoor grow setup. Indoor grow setups are a game changer.

The grow light system is the key

Can we make an indoor grow system as good as an outdoor grow equipment setup? Can we duplicate nature in our indoor growing systems? Yes, we can, and the grow light system is the key. Light=yield, so maximizing our indoor grow light is extremely important. So, an indoor grow system should have a good quality grow lamp that is strong. It should be an effective indoor grow light for ppfd and PAR. When it comes to indoor grow lights and types of grow lamps, check out how each indoor grow light works. And, indoor grow setups with grow lamps as part of the grow light system can use significant amounts of electricity. So, indoor grow setup efficiency counts. Also, take a look at the grow light ppfd comparison chart to see how this all works.

If they had a baby

There is one more option and that is the best of both worlds. That is in the form of hoop houses or easy set up, covered greenhouses. In these grow setups, it is not quite outdoors but is covered. And, many times indoor grow lights are used to extend the day a few hours. Those grow lights would move on LightRail light movers to cover more area per grow light and to get better grow light system results. Of course, this is not a system that works everywhere and is climate dependent.

We get the best results indoors by duplicating the best of nature with grow light movers

So, as part of how to use a grow light, we want to be as efficient as possible. This is easily done with a grow light mover, operating as rail lights. And, moving our indoor grow light is the key to getting an effective grow light system. See how to use indoor grow lights on LightRail light movers. We get the best results indoors by duplicating the best of nature through good indoor grow lights moved on grow light movers. This is the case whether we use LightRail 3.5 Kits, LightRail 4.0 Kits or LightRail 4.20 Kits. And, by making it a hydro grow kit so that crops can be grown year round with less water and in less space, we can achieve the results we want.

Duplicate the best of nature through good indoor growing and maximized grow lights, year round with less water (hydroponics) and in less space.