Outdoor Weed Seed Mix

High-Supplies did put together a special Cannabis Seeds Mix for you.  Amsterdam Seed Supply – Buy Marijuana Seeds Online – ✓ Buy Cannabis Seeds Online ✓ Great Customer Service ✓ Cannabis Cup Winners ✓ Worldwide Discreet Shipping

Outdoor Weed Seed Mix

High-Supplies did put together a special Cannabis Seeds Mix for you.

Our Marijuana Seeds Mix feminized versions include – White Widow, Original Highway Delight, Amnesia – K2 and Big Bud.

Mix of All Kinds of Seeds in a Single Pack

These seeds will give you all the excellent properties of the various seeds in one pack and you can enjoy the best of all the breeds. Each of these strains have their own growing periods, resin production and their own properties respectively, which in turn, make the combination of these mix seeds all the more exciting.

These seeds are equally good for indoor and outdoor growing and you can make use of different growing methods like simple garden or greenhouse but you should understand that these give better results when grown indoors. When you buy our Marijuana Seeds Mix feminized you get all these strains in one pack and not in separate ones.

This pack can get you different high quality seeds at a reasonable price, which is why these mix feminized seeds, are so popular with the growers. As these packs are full of feminized seeds of different varieties the size of the plants can be different and you may realize this during the growing phases. The height as well as yield would vary from one another, but that basically gives you a good blend!

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Outdoor cannabis seeds

Make use of our handy ‘Climate Map’ that shows the three key areas that marijuana will grow into select the growing conditions. In all areas, the summer months are best suited for marijuana cultivation. So, the right time for growing marijuana is April – October in the northern hemisphere and October – April in the southern hemisphere. The weed usually blooms into shorter days and a majority of the strains are pushed into the blooming process with less than twelve hours of light.

On the other hand, in the warm tropical regions, where light is always around for twelve hours per day, marijuana can be grown all year long. Growers can provide their plants with an additional day-length in the beginning to give a chance for the plant to grow. If the plant does not get extra light, it will bloom right away, though with a very low yield. Amsterdamseedsupply has an excellent assortment of a wide range of outdoor strains for meeting all your cannabis cultivation needs.

Outdoor cannabis seeds for cool climate

All cannabis seed strains don’t offer the same kind of results across all the climatic conditions. Different strains are suitable for varying climates. When considering the best strains to be grown under colder climates, the topmost considerations need to be the ability of the seeds to resists pests and moulds that are common in such conditions and a short flowering time so that they can finish before the extreme weather conditions.

The collection of our outdoor cannabis seeds for cool climate possesses all these properties. They score high when it comes to pest and mould resistance. Secondly, they also have quick flowering periods, which means you are ready to harvest your cannabis plants at just the right time.

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Each strain in this category is hand-picked by our expert cannabis breeders and they are sure to provide great results. Simply browse through our collection of cannabis strains for cold climates and choose the one that you like the most.