What To Do With Weed Seeds

Many cannabis consumers have found an occasional seed in their bag of marijuana. But can you actually use them to grow your own weed? Learn more about germinating bag seeds and turning them into flourishing cannabis plants. Knowing how to store cannabis seeds is important if you want to keep your seeds over long periods … Read more

When To Start Weed Seeds

If you are thinking about cultivating cannabis, one of the first things you will need to determine is if you should cultivate outdoors. The truth is that the ideal time for any stage of the growing process is entirely up to you and the circumstances that you must work within. When is the best time … Read more

Can You Grow Weed From Hemp Seeds

George Washington grew hemp but not he kind you are thinking of. Hemp is the non-psychoactive variety of Cannabis. It has great potential as a grain and fiber material. There are approved varieties for planting depending upon where you live. Learn more about hemp seed here. Did George Washington Grow Hemp? Throughout his lifetime, George … Read more

Small Weed Plant Seeds

If you are looking forward to cultivating marijuana discreetly within a short time and avoid nosy neighbors, dwarf marijuana seeds are your best bet. If you only have a small space for growing cannabis, which strains should you choose? We've put together this list of some of the best. Growing marijuana starting from seeds can … Read more

Do All Weed Seeds Grow Buds

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How Long To Dry Weed Seeds

It’s time to harvest your buds, and all you can think about is the first smooth, flavorful hit, but not so fast, you have to dry and cure them first. Without a I did a seed run, and was wondering the right way to prep them so that they can be planted. I have heard … Read more