pastel goth girl weed

Pastel goth girl weed

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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr’s founder) admitted, “Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross.”

? inhaling the dank shit ?

i can’t believe people still parrot that lame “the most beautiful phrase in the english language is ‘cellar door’”bullshit when the phrase “goth weed” exists

since we’ve established that shipping gerrymichael is, at the very least, very fucking weird, can we please think about their dynamic as uncle and nephew? because Michael knew Eric right? Probably were friends, y’know? Not too far fetched to think Eric might like Michael to be Gerry’s uncle, that type that isn’t related by blood but has the vibe.

So like. Michael’s just Gerry’s very weird uncle. Like. Very weird uncle. I wanna see some more art of Gerry and Michael but in this context please. It’s so funny to me.

Making dabs at home is a very fun sciencey time ?️

There aren’t nearrrrrlllyyy enough cute girls in my DM’s ??????

my bf is ungrounded hehe

she invites you to her mushroom for a hit of dmt do you accept? ✨

I’m smokin in a panda kigurumi. Show off your kigarumi!


What’s practical is logical. What the hell, who cares?

Damn I don’t like how I am in relationships sometimes ? like in tha serious asf ones cause I let my emotions get the best of me. I overthink shit all da time and I need reassurance 24/7 and I never get tired of someone’s company? idk my last relationship fucked me up an I’m tryna not fall in love lmao… and they’d say why don’t you care?? Don’t you like me?? Or some shit man if I did, there’s no turning back jk… plus I’m clingy asf . Idk jus thought about the time I got cheated on after a fight then bitch took off on me, then I stole his parents ride to look for him and I couldn’t find him so I went to go visit and fuck somebody else. Man… and I still wanted to stay with him after dat… idk he broke up with me and I never take break ups smooth. But I actually left on my own without a fight gahdamn, but now, I don’t wanna fall in love maynn.. that’s what killed my other ex… just cause I couldn’t let go and I had to get revenge and there was no stopping… I was used to having a long game with him but now he’s gone and it’s game over. :/ man I need to get my mind off things tho. Prolly fall in love soon jkjk naw fuck dat shi. Gn

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