pineapple jager strain

pineapple jager strain

Aroma and flavor: Black Lime Reserve x Limepop has a wild nose: an unmistakable Tiger Balm—cool, camphorous and minty—that accurately translates to flavor when smoked. At the pipe, secondary notes are detectable in a gustatory territory shared by lime and copper—a metallic, citrus quality that weaves in and out of the VapoRub, licorice and menthol façade for a flavor profile that’s anything but common.

Banana Cream OG
Blue Dream x Banana OG x Ocean Beach OG
Grown by Vagrant Hill Farm and bred by Sour Seed Co.
About the farm: East Fork Cultivars is a CBD-focused sungrown operation in Cave Junction. The farm splits its time between the production of classic, cannabidiol-rich strains and the development of new, medicinally relevant cannabis varietals. The very finest of the yearly outdoor harvest makes its way to market as trim-to-order flower, and the rest is processed for the CBDs that power a growing number of extract, edible and topical manufacturers, like chocolatiers Grön, cartridge makers O.penVAPE and tincture tinkers Cascadia Herbals.

About the farm: Over the past year, Vagrant Hill Farm has taken the micro-batch, no-till model of organic indoor gardening from the basement to the warehouse. The five-member, owner-operator team has managed to scale up a six-plant medical grow into a 500-square-foot commercial facility while maintaining a level of care and quality control that’s usually reserved for personal-use gardens. They harvest between 8 and 10 pounds of herb every two weeks, ensuring always-fresh releases of their carefully curated and delicately expressed cultivars—those selected and crafted with the flower fanatic in mind.
About the farm: Taking a page from wine country, Liontree Farms is located on a fully exposed, south-facing Applegate Valley slope, where the days get hot, the nights cool and the weed terpene-rich. Terpenes, aromatic compounds responsible for the wide spectrum of scents—and, in part, effects—expressed throughout the cannabis kingdom, are in uncommonly high concentrations across Liontree’s 2017-18 lineup, topping out at an 11.2 percent Lemon Head. And while Liontree’s numbers are impressive, it’s the farm’s exotic cultivars that will captivate connoisseur attention—cultivars like the Black Lime Reserve x Limepop.
To help you parse the bouquet, each month we inspect hundreds of flowers—sampling scores of unique cultivars and shortlisting only the most decadent and efficacious of the pack.

These days, the Beaver State is host to more than 900 recreationally licensed cannabis farms and another 1,100 or so that currently await the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s green light. With dispensaries dotting the landscape and more product options coming to market by the day, you can afford to be choosy when it comes to the contents of your pop top.

Welcome to Flower Picks, our new monthly cannabis feature that smokes all the weed so you don’t have to—because, let’s be honest, there’s a ton of herb in Oregon and it’s not all worth your money.

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Aroma and flavor: Black Lime Reserve x Limepop has a wild nose: an unmistakable Tiger Balm—cool, camphorous and minty—that accurately translates to flavor ]]>