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Matricaria discoidea, Pineapple weed – Seeds – plants – dried herbs

Matricaria discoidea, Pineapple weed

Common names: Pineapple weed, P ineappleweed, W ild chamomile, D isc mayweed

Botanical name & synonyms:
Matricaria discoidea, Matricaria matricarioides, Akylopsis suaveolens, Anthemis inconspicua, Artemisia matricarioides, Cenocline pauciflora, Chamomilla discoidea, Chamomilla suaveolens, Chrysanthemum discodes, Chrysanthemum suaveolens, Cotula matricarioides, Lepidanthus suaveolens, Lepidotheca suaveolens, Matricaria discoidea, Matricaria graveolens, Matricaria graveolens var. discoidea, Matricaria suaveolens, Santolina suaveolens, Tanacetum suaveolens

S unflower family (Asteraceae)

native to Northeast Asia

f lower V to VIII

plant community: waste ground, ruderal

Matricaria discoidea, Pineapple weed, native to Northeast Asia, annual, 5 to 30cm, flower V to VIII, waste ground, medicinal plant, weight of 1000 seeds = 0,15 ]]>