pink panther cannabis

Pink panther cannabis

Need about twenty minutes before I can say anything. I just got some!!?

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent’s Tastings — Brand: Orgrow Strain: Pink Panther Sativa-dominant Hybrid– Potency Analysis: TTL 24. 17% THC/a 19. 99% CBD 0. 19% THCv 22. 82% — Cost: $15/1 gram conical joint — The smell off this was super-candy fruity with the least little tang of diesel underneath. This is the most sweet-smelling sativa I’ve encountered in a pre-roll. — The smoke was expansive, but not crazy. It definitely filled me up. The flavors are super-sweet berry and other fruits, and the diesel I smelled carried over into the smoke as just an aftertaste on the back of more candy sweetness. — Immediately after enjoying this, I started smiling. I encountered another human and the smile turned to giggles. Those giggles and smiles lasted for a couple of hours. Good taste and legs. – Bought 4 of these so far! I never re-buy.

Pink Panther has an energized effect on your system, making you feel creative and euphoric. It makes you happy and clear-headed at the same time. It is a blend of 85 percent Sativa and 15 percent Indica. As it is a Sativa dominant strain, it does have certain psychoactive effects on you. It has a… ]]>