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flowerpwr , The Best Online Dispensary in Canada for Pre-Rolls

100% BC Craft Cannabis

Always made with infamous quality BC bud.

Filtered, for comfortable blazing

Our pre-rolls won’t make you choke on stray bits or stems of bud.

Always Flower, Never Shake

We only use premium flower buds in our joints, never any left over shake.

Perfect Rolls Every Time

We’d never send you anything we wouldn’t want to smoke ourselves.

Ready to Light Up and Go

Anytime, anyplace, whenever you need it. Hassle free.

Our joints

Our Premium Line of Pre-Rolls

Our pre-rolls are classified into different varieties based on their potency and rarity. We offer your choice of Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid Joints. The top-shelf AAAA – AAAA+ flowers are found in the Gold and 24K Gold Labels with the highest THC content and are available in limited supply. The AAA – AAA+ flowers are found in the Black and Green Label. All our pre-rolled joints are made with only pure BC bud and packaged with a Boveda Pack for an air-tight sealed tube to guarantee freshness for up to 3 months.

flowerpwr online dispensary offers some of the best marijuana in Canada. Buy weed online with our selection of pre-rolled joints made with 100% Premium BC bud.