purple alien og

Purple alien og

“diagnosed” with ptsd, (army vet, “disabled”), severe recurrent major depression, (although bouts of it are becoming more and more few and far between, thanks to my Creator God, who i recently came to know), and chronic back pain due to an almost immediate injury of a surgery 3 years ago via beatdown by the protecting and serving lake Charles Louisiana police. I’ve recently retired to Colorado as to not be a self medicating “criminal”, and have since been looking for a cure all for me strain. This. This strain is incredible. I’m not predominantly an indica consumer, as i like to stay busy and not couch locked, (unless my back’s on fire), and this strain, although indica dominant, allows me to do that while still easing all the above. And it tastes great! Lol. I got it in the pack of joints form from my caregiver dispensary, and fell immediately in love. The thc content of the purple alien og I purchased is higher than previously reported here, however, being a delightful 20.76%!! Shout out to native roots for being the best around. Lol I’ve been waiting my entire weed smoking life, (28 years and counting), for packs of joints. And the option of getting gas and grass, brilliant. Thanks for reading, have a great day! Spread that love y’all ❤?

Purple Alien OG is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as a cross of the hugely potent Alien Kush X Tahoe OG strains. This incredibly rare strain is best known for its powerful but relaxing indica heavy effects that are fueled by a relatively moderate THC level that …