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Purple Dream Cannabis Review – Everything You Need to Know & More!

The Purple Dream strain has a reputation – true to its name, it’s a dream or at least puts you in a dream-like state. With a 12% THC content, you don’t have to worry about paranoia, anxiety, a headband, or a head spin. The low content is actually quite inviting as it seems to create welcomed alertness. This Indica-dominant hybrid is not the typical late-night narcotic, though it does induce relaxation. There is a bit of energy thrown around with Purple Dream which makes it more of a daydream strain. You can expect to feel like you’re in a daydream than actually elicit any because this strain alters the world around you rather than conjuring up creativity.

Purple Dream fresh medicinal nugs, photo: @homebakedchef

Purple Dream Background

California dreamin’ is more like a reality with its state signature creation of Purple Dream. Some big dreamers from California combined the genetics of Blue Dream and either Purple Kush or Granddaddy Purple to create this violet gem. Blue Dream, a legend on the west coast and one of the most popular strains in the U.S. and abroad, is a Sativa-heavy hybrid, bringing a dreamy balance to the well-sought after Purple Kush, a San Francisco treat, of pure euphoric indica. Blue Dream is well known for its blueberry taste, of which no doubt comes from Blueberry, one of its parents. Blue Dream passed down its head-in-the-clouds high (a signature trait of its other parent, Silver Haze) to Purple Dream which makes it a great strain for a daytime stroll. While Purple Kush or Grandaddy Purple both tend to cause sedation into a trance of go-with-the-flow and chillaxing which gives Purple Dream a wonderful relaxed and medicinal effect. Combined, Purple Dream becomes a perfect strain for daytime euphoria, deep conversations, and maybe even a little adventure.

Dreamy Composition

The Indica to Sativa ratio is an adequate balance of 60/40, making this high more heady but very adaptable for some daytime fun. The higher indica content creates a relaxing ambiance while the close to even sativa incorporates more energy. The combination is great for alleviating anxiety but not for the idle – this indica-dominant hybrid will get you off your feet to dive into some creative project or plug into your Itunes and dance down a park pathway.

Different Types of Dreams

The many variations of the dream strains keep you in a deep purple dream-like state – head in the clouds, mind in the sky and daydreaming even through the night. Like Purple Dream, Purple Punch provides heady dreams but more so throughout the night. Blue Dream, as the parent of Purple Kush, provides that creative energy and a surge of energy. Purple Dreams weed is easy to find on the West Coast, especially in California, and even more so in San Francisco, where it comes from. These purple marijuana strains sometimes are better known by their slang names like Purple Headband strain for its heady high effects or super purple weed because, well, you feel kind of super.

What makes weed purple?

Purple hairs grow because of something called Anthocyanins , violet pigments common in berries and flowers that occur when chlorophyll starts to shut down. This is why it prefers milder temperatures – because when temperatures drop the production of chlorophyll slows down and Anthocyanins rise. And you will find this in every purple weed strain, hence the name purple.

Dreaming of this dreamy pile of Purple Dream, photo: @dr.yellowthumb
One large untrimmed bud of Purple Dream – orange hairs and crystally trichomes. Photo: @xd_chronic

Purple Dream is a tough cookie to resist. It focuses on easing your mind, crafting creativity, and easing stress. Though many love its daytime energetic effects, it is also a great sleep aid. Because it relaxes your mind and gives you 100% euphoria, you are adaptable to enjoy a daytime stroll or gradually fall into some purple dreams of your own.

A dreamy high with Purple Dream. A combination of Grandaddy Purple with Blue Dream created the kush of our dreams: creative energy, stress relief and euphoric arousal all wrapped up in a blunt.