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Purple Queen

Purple Queen: Lady Kush With The Killer Purple Looks

Some say that purple is the colour of good judgement; Purple Queen is the cool purple strain for the wise weed grower indeed. Sticky green is good, but pure, frosty purple flowers are fantastic. And not just to look at. Purple Queen lays the smackdown. Her powerful physical effects will take you deep. Deep into the couch and probably the fridge, too. Smooth, full-bodied Kush flavour with a slight lemon twist will delight your palate as you gently float off to dreamland.

Purple Queen reigns supreme in the cannabis garden. Indoors, or outdoors in temperate to warm climates, this strain can and probably will stun you with her gooey purple nugs. In just 8 weeks of 12/12, or by mid-September outdoors, she will be ready for harvest. Purple Queen is a compact, branchy Kush hybrid that will mature to purple dream weed without a fuss. She’ll fill out lateral grow space and will rarely exceed 1m in height. Over thousands of years, the ancient Kush genetics from which she is derived have developed incredible resistance as well as spectacular purple hues. Purple Queen can tolerate high doses of fertilisers and will thrive in any growing system from organics to hydroponics.

Purple Queen data sheet
Strain Type: Feminized
THC: 22%
CBD: Low
Yield Indoor: 450 – 500 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 650 – 700 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 80 – 120 cm
Height Outdoor: 175 – 210 cm
цветения: 8 – 9 недель
Месяц сбора урожая: октябрь
Генетический фон: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
Type: Sativa 25% Indica 75%
Эффект: Relaxed and Euphoric
Aroma: Citrus

Пол : Purple queen
Комментарии : 1ere fois que cela m’arrive, petit soucis sur 3 graines sur des dizaines deja acheté chez eux mais RQS très réactif et les plantes vont très bien. Satisfait du produit et de RQS

Пол : Top quality, top power
Комментарии : I got really good top quality weed out of that seeds. Did’t turn purple. unfortunately. Atention!! Really powerful strain. It gets you more stoned than the everest XD

Пол : Kolejne udane zakupy
Комментарии : Polecam i trzymajcie poziom

Пол : Quick Delivery
Комментарии : Excellent packaging and quick delivery, couldn’t fault them on anything

Пол : 💚🔥💯
Комментарии : 5/5 germinated perfectly, Week 4 and enjoying life, 2 more and then flipping. So excited 🤩

Пол : stellare
Комментарии : tra le migliori acquistate, è la mia preferita

Пол : Purple Queen
Комментарии : 5/5 germinated and ia now growing! awesome

Пол : Ottimo
Комментарии : Ottimo prodotto

Пол : Brad
Комментарии : Excellent

Пол : Purple queen
Комментарии : Allucinante,ottima resa e super gusto!!

Пол : Purple queen
Комментарии : très satisfait vraiment belle avec une bonne pdeur

Пол : Y
Комментарии : Excellent

Пол : R.I.F
Комментарии : Bonne weed

Пол : A.
Комментарии : top plant. super for clones and a illumination of 1 qb led board is enough for 2

Пол : Sof
Комментарии : Thanx!

Journey to the clouds from the couch with mystical mountain Kush. Purple Queen is the cool purple bud that will get you royally stoned. ]]>