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Purple Widow


Purple Widow is a 55 percent Indica and 45 percent Sativa hybrid created by crossing former Cannabis Cup winner White Widow with Purple Power. Originally created in Amsterdam in 2007, this turbo-charged weed is now available on both sides of the Atlantic.

When smoked, the Purple Widow strain combines the heavy body stone associated with Indica, with the cerebral, trippy feel offered by Sativa. Its nose combines the aromas of heavy incense with lighter floral tones and the flavour has a fruity, citrus aftertaste. It’s offered by medical dispensaries for insomnia, nausea, pain relief and stress.

This plant can reach an extraordinary 3.5 metres in height outdoors and it grows in a regular shape with branching side stems. A purple hue appears on the elongated, narrow leaves early in the growth cycle and intensifies as the plants mature. The robust, dense buds have a deep purple colour and are packed with sticky resin. This potent weed boasts a THC level of 20 percent.

The Purple Widow strain is best to grow outdoors, although, if discretion is important, its exceptionally large size makes it less than ideal. Grow it directly in well-conditioned soil in a sunny spot and each plant can yield as much as 850 grams. Harvest can come as early as the end of July and last through to October.

Indoors, the plant will need pruning to keep it in bounds. Grown in hydroponics or soil with the SCROG method, Purple Widow flowers in about eight weeks and can produce a crop of 400 grams per square metre.

This Purple Widow review recommends it for its prolific growth, attractive purple colour and its high potency. If you have an outdoor space shielded from prying eyes, Purple Widow is great fun, and easy, to grow.

Comprehensive review of Purple Widow, an easy to grow weed strain that can produce exception amounts of good looking, sticky, and potent weed.

Purple Widow

Purple Widow by De Sjamaan Seeds, is a cross between the strains Purple Power and the legendary White Widow. Purple Widow grows sturdy and produces large purple trichome covered buds that smell of sweet berries. Many people use Purple Widow cannabis to reduce depression and stress.

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Purple Power x White Widow

Flowering Time
The flowering time of Purple Widow is around 64 to 71 days depending on when you like to chop. Outdoors the harvest time is around the end of October, beginning of November

Average yield indoors, but really shines outdoors with a little pre-vegging indoors before putting them out

Fruity, Sweet, Berries, Floral

Purple Widow is a fairly balanced Cannabis strain with a nice headiness and a relaxation that won’t leave you looking for a pillow

Medicinal Uses
Anxiety, Depression, Migraines, Stress, Increases Appetite

THC – 20%

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1 Review

Grows good outdoors ,I grew 4 all over 6 feet.Two different shades of purple,one is darkish the other is reddish purple.The smell sweet of floral,they are stunning buds,they sex extremely quick ,,for the stone it’s a feel good happy ,high good strain to mingle with next to a fire,really good bud

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Purple Widow by De Sjamaan Seeds, is a cross between Purple Power and the legendary White Widow. This marijuana strain grows sturdy and produces large purple