raspberry glue strain

Raspberry Glue Indica Cannabis Strain Review

Cannabinoid Profile

Raspberry Glue – a combination of Gorilla Glue #4 and Raspberry Kush. The total THC content comes to approximately 18.5% with negligible CBD content. Most of the THC is in THCA form, still waiting for the heat to be applied to convert it into THC. What a beautiful process.

Appearance – Dry Flower Raspberry Glue Cannabis

As one might expect with a name including a berry, the flower has tiny purple bits that glitter darkly among the deep greens in the right lights. This selection comes in simple flower buds that are fairly dense to the touch, slightly dry and easy to crumble in your fingers. I still use the grinder though, just because I have a serious affection for gathering kief.

Smoke/Taste – Raspberry Glue

The smoke from the Raspberry Glue bud is smooth, but only with a light hand/lung, so exercise caution when pulling out the monster bongs and ice – your writer nearly lost a lung while getting too cocky on the pull in that exact scenario.

The scent is deep and earthy, not as much citrus as I would expect for a fruity typed strain, but still quite delicious.

Subjective Effects of Cannabis Strain

This nighttime Indica strain is absolutely wonderful for getting to sleep on time and has been fantastic for stimulating my appetite. This strain is better for nightly use but has additionally been helpful on days where there have been more stressors or general overstimulation in my environment.

Overall Rating of Strain

Overall, I give this Indica cannabis strain, Raspberry Glue, a rating of 6 out of 7 leaves.

Raspberry Glue Indica Cannabis Strain Review