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Carolina Reaper Red

World’s hottest chili pepper!

For months it was already rumoured that Carolina Reaper would soon be world’s hottest chili. This lead to heated discussions among chili enthusiasts worldwide.

After a media offensive by grower Ed Currie, Guinness Book of World Records announced a new “world’s hottest chili pepper” in November 2013 and made an end to the discussion about the hottest pepper in the world. Averaging 1,569,300 scoville units, with individual peppers rating over 2.2 million Soville Units, Carolina Reaper became world’s hottest chili. Previous world record holder Trinidad Moruga Scorpion was overthrown. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers had an average number of 1.2 million Scoville Units and up to 2,009,231 in individual peppers. Carolina Reaper was created by crossing a Pakistani Naga with a Red Habanero type from St. Vincent, an island in the Caribbean. It has a fruity flavor.

This is an extremely hot chili pepper, be careful when handling these seeds and peppers. Tr y to maintain a constant temperature of 28 – 32 degrees for good germination.

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Name: Carolina Reaper

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