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Marck is the man

Marck is the man! I ordered a part online. It arrived broken. I took it to his store in Plano to have him return the part and order me a new one. He did whatever he needed to do for me to take care of my problem. All I had to do was sign my name! FIVE STARS TO MARCK AND ADVANCES AUTO PARTS.

This is for store 9719

This is for store 9719. The women in this store are racist. They rolled their eyes at me because I am black and had snobby attitudes when it came to answering my questions about a starter I am returning. As a black woman I can tell a racist person when I see one. It’s sad that in 2020 we still have to experience this. If you want equality and good customer service, do not go to this store. Search other surrounding areas trust me.

Caused my bank acct to freeze and not willing to help

I will not be shopping with advanced auto any longer. I bought a gift card and used it to purchase parts. I needed to return my items and they only refunded the .29 cents that they charged me for the overage. Then they issued the same refund 20 times causing my bank account to freeze. I went online to chat and asked if they could write me a letter stating that they were only supposed to refund me .29 cents one time and they refused to do so. I wasn’t asking for the letter, but that’s what my bank needed in order to unfreeze my acct. I chatted for about 45 mins (after being disconnected by the chat the first time) and no issues were resolved. They said that they’d email me a new gift card, but it could take 3-5 business days. I asked for store credit, but they can’t do that. REALLY?! I’m over advanced auto and will not be shopping with them again.

Do Not Order Online

Order parts online that when I go to store to pickup they don’t have this is 4th time this happens. When it happens I have to go to store while they spend 15 minutes looking around for it because “it says we have plenty in stock” then wait 7 days for my money to show back up on my card when it’s THEIR FAULT they don’t have their inventory manager properly

Customer service is trash too waste of time calling

My daughter and headed to the advance…

My daughter and I headed to the advance auto on barry rd because we happen to be in that area. BIG MISTAKE! All I needed was my battery checked. My truck seemed liked it was stalling a bit when It was turning over. The temp is supposed to drop to 20 in the morning. The kid comes out with some machine. he can’t figure out how to even put Nissan Frontier in there or engine type( for whatever reason) so he has to put my vin# in. He tells me nope your battery just needs charged. I said ok can you charge it? Nope he said you will have to bring it another day and leave it for 4 hours. Then another employee comes out cleaned some post off and said you are good too go.. it will be alright until you can get it charged.(we were there 45 min) we head to dinner not even 10 minutes from there. Go in.. come out.. dead!! Called AAA. $185 later yep needed a new battery it was so low. wow just wow!! 2 women stranded in the cold and all you lazy ass men had to do is take it out and sale me a new freaking battery

Went to Advance Auto in Seabrook NH on…

Went to Advance Auto in Seabrook NH on Lafayette Road. The store manager Andrew helped us.. he was [email protected]! He was attentive, very knowledgeable, answered all our questions, and got us exactly what we needed.
Kudos to Andrew.. my husband being able to fix the issue saved us hundreds of dollars.
Give that man a raise!!

Is a nice store with decent selection…

Is a nice store with decent selection and I’ve had an account with advance for many years, however will not go in there due to management. Manager decided he would squirt me in the face with sanitizer. Haven’t returned since. Prices also a little on high side. Nbd, is 4 other parts stores close.

Bad service

One customer in the store in front of me helped him for 15 minutes while I waited to be helped to get a tail light.So I walked out.

Sell my a damage part and no help

I will not buy anything from this…

I will not buy anything from this retailer
1- they sell defective parts
2- the associates are rude
3- they don’t honor warranties
4- basically they are theives

Terrible experience

Terrible experience, same day delivery is a terrible service, this company is taking advantage of the costumers. I did a purchase Yesterday, and y pay for the same day delivery, I talked to costumers service today and they say that mi item is coming to my home in 3 or 4 days more this service is complete joke.

Terrible experience

Terrible experience. Ordered an item yesterday that was on sale, showed in stock, next day order cancelled with no reason. Contacted support and they said warehouse was out of stock, but still shows online. Bought a different model of it, checked stock, and same thing. Order cancelled. Customer service has not be helpful other than just confirming the order was cancelled. They need to fix their online system if it is not connected to the shipping warehouse stock levels.

Don’t order online. Don’t expect help from customer service.

I can’t recommend advanced Auto parts. I just had a nightmare experience. I ordered online last night. It suggested one more product at the checkout I said okay. Then it says sorry out of stock remove item I removed the item. It was a order to pick up. After the order was completed I see that removed item for $6 is being shipped to me for $10 shipping. I call customer service first thing in the morning as soon as they opened. They said sorry nothing I can do. So I’m getting charged $16 for $6 item that I removed from my cart and never even shopped for.

Poor service unfair price.

Needed two side mounts battery bolts. One person working in store, two outside installing wiper blades etc. six people waiting to pay, I just wanted to know where to find the bolts and waited 15 plus minutes. Found the bolts at $6.99 each, more than double what they cost at Walmart. Went to pay and now 5 people ahead of me. Took me well over 30 minutes to be ripped off.

GMs – Do not work for Advance

Where to begin? I was an employee for Advance Auto Parts for less than six months before I decided to move on from the company. I wasn’t just a regular employee, I was a GM for the company. When I first hired in, I was told many different things, most of which were lies. The DM was distant and never around; almost as if, he was scared to come into the stores. They love to micromanage everything, and I mean everything, but why wouldn’t they since they’re never around? It was a blessing and a curse to be honest because they were a nitwit and couldn’t even use the register themselves. Getting back to micromanaging, as a GM you should have control over who you hire and fire. With this company, be prepared to run a store with your hands tied. They don’t want expertise. No no. They want lifeless husks working in their company, that’s why they only offer minimum wage and slightly above that for Full timers. Which let me say, you cannot hire anyone with auto mechanic experience at $10/hr. As a GM, be prepared to never hire and work 14hr days 6 to 7 days a week because your help is unreliable. This is absolutely the worst company I have ever worked for in my 20 years of experience. If you’re thinking about working for this company, don’t, because there are way better positions out there that offer more for your life and career.

Hi am a 66-year-old woman and I went to…

Hi am a 66-year-old woman and I went to advance auto parts on John Fitch highway in Fitchburg today to get a headlight bulb and a tail light bulb I didn’t know what I needed so I asked the woman at the counter and she came up with something that was $99 and I said my son said that it would be less than $10 she said no we have nothing less than $10 and was kind a rude about it. She said for my vehicle there are two different kinds and I need to know which one it is I told her I didn’t know what it was and I asked if she would come take a look or if somebody could take a look so I would get the right one she said no they couldn’t take a look at it I could take whichever one I decide and if it’s wrong I can bring it back as long as I don’t open the package. I told her that I would just go somewhere else where somebody would assist me. So I went down the street to O’Reillys and they went out to my car and look to see what I needed and helped me. I work in customer service and advance auto parts gave me really poor service.

Victory Ln. is the only good Advance left in the area

The Dracut Victory Lane store is the exceptional store in this area. Their hours are really old school short, but they are probably the only store that won’t screw your order up and speak perfect English. Get to know them and they really go the extra to take care of you. The rest of the area stores are a very distant bronze metal, at best.

Buying a battery and upselling

Went to purchase a battery for my 2014 Acura MDX at their location in Jackson Heights, Queens NY and was met by Jackie. Worst customer service personel I’ve ever encountered. In addition to a horrible attitude she is incompetent to do her job.

This is what happened today. I went in to purchase a DieHard Red battery which is one of the recommended battery for my truck, and I have pervious purchased this same battery for the same year and model for my wife’s truck two years ago. When I asked to purchase this battery she said that I should buy an AGM battery (DieHard Gold or Platinum). I told her that I’ve purchased this battery before. She rolled her eyes at me and said this battery does NOT have enough CCA (cold crank amps). I explained that the Gold amd Platinum had the same 550CCA. She argued that I am wrong. When she looked and found that it’s the same on her computer, she changed to the face that the CCA is different.
I told her it’s what I want to buy. She then rolled her eyes again and said she will put a line on the invoice explaining that she told me that battery is not recommended and that they will not refund for any reason. I explained that wasn’t true because if you look under my make and model, the DieHard Red is one of the recommended batteries. (Gold is $129 more and Platinum is nearly $200 more and for that price I can get the battery at the dealership)
I asked her if someone can test the battery first. She seemed very annoyed and said she has to do it and to meet her outside. When I met up with her, I already had the hood lifted and the cap on the battery nodes removed for her convenience. She still seem annoyed and tell me, where are the nodes, I cant see them. After I pointed them out, she tells me the cover was in the way. After I held the node cover, she figited as if it was very hard to get the clamps on and as if she didn’t want to get her hands dirty. I then helped her put the clamps on. She did the test and tells me that they will not put the battery in that has a battery cover. I told her I can remove it in the parking lot if she can lend me a flat screw driver. She rolled eyes again and told me she doesn’t have tools to lend me. And for me to go home and come back when the cover is removed
I have wasted 20 minutes of driving and another 40 minutes with Jackie. Watching here with all her melodramatic eye-rolling and attitude. I ended up bringing my truck to the dealership.
Will NEVER go back there again and definitely not recommend anyone else to go there for service.

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