reggie strain

Reggie strain

Reggies will always be near and dear to my heart. When I was a rookie I started out with Arizona and Mango Pina and oh man i used to get smacked. Eventually i graduated to better strains but if you have a low tolerance and are on a budget this is the way to go. Not the best weed by any stretch but it will get the job done

Reggie is bottom of the barrel flower in terms of potency. If your a consistent smoker you won’t feel much from it at all. I only recommend it for first time smokers who want to get into smoking flower and don’t want something powerful

What’s described here as “Reggie” is actually hundreds of different lower grade strains. Few are 18-20% THC however, and the sativa/indica ratios can cover the entire spectrum. with most of these varieties you’re looking at somewhere between 5-15% THC. These lower grade strains rose to prominence in the 1980’s and 90’s when a large amount of acreage was being grown outdoors in Northern Mexico by the Cartels to supply the United States. What these strains lack in potency they make up for in being very easy to grow in many different environments and require less care, hence why they were chosen by the Cartels for their mass outdoor grow operations. It usually had lots of seeds which took away from the potency, as not much care was taken to eliminate the male plants in the large crops being grown.

Reggie is a Sativa dominant grade C medicinal marijuana strain that has a leafy outlook and is dark green in color. It is bright green in places and has reddish orange hair as well. It has a moderate to high THC level. It has a strange and sweet smell that is a blend of skunky and perfume like od… ]]>